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130 Weapons

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We supply all power level 130 weapons that can be acquired in Fortnite STW. From Siegebreakers to Spectral Blades, Thrashers to De-Atomiser 9000’s, you'll find all PL 130 weapons here! Each weapon available is both god-rolled and full durability, meaning that you can use your dream weapons to their full extent and ensure that you are dominating every game that you play.

Buy each weapon individually or purchase a random selection of 130s in quantities of 25, 50, 75 and 100. How will you choose to play? With over 135 weapons to choose from in total, the choice is completely yours.

Power level 130 weapons - also known as 130 weapons - are extremely powerful weapons in Fortnite STW.

As 130 is the highest level that a weapon can achieve - without being supercharged, as is the case with 144 weapons - the guns, bows and melee weapons that you will find here have been maxed out, and will be highly valued by all players.

The power of your 130 weapons is also further determined by the type of elemental damage they deal. Each of the weapons you will find above have a type of element assigned to them. 

Five types of elemental damage exist in Fortnite Save the World: Physical, Fire, Water, Nature, and Energy. The type of elemental damage inflicted by a particular weapon has an effect on both enemies and structures, so a player may choose to bring weapons incorporating a variety of different elements when attempting to complete missions in which they anticipate coming across enemies and structures of various elements.

Just as particular elemental enemies are more resistant to certain types of elemental damage, specific building material types are more resistant to their opposing types of elemental damage than others. Wood structures are weaker to damage dealt by fire weapons, stone structures are weaker to water damage, and metal structures are weaker to nature elemental damage.

The types of elements that you will find on the above weapons are the following:

Fire Element Weapons

Damage dealt by fire weapons is most effective against nature enemies. In similar fashion, fire enemies do double damage to structures made of wood.

Water Element Weapons

Water damage is most successful against fire enemies. Similarly, water enemies do double damage to structures made of stone. As there are many fire enemies in the game, water elements are extremely effective and sought after by players.

Nature Element Weapons

Nature damage is most useful against water enemies. Likewise, nature enemies do double damage to structures made of metal.

Energy Element Weapons

Weapons with energy elements equipped are a good choice if you are looking for a well-rounded weapon that is not too heavily weighted to one particular type of damage, and can be most effective when there are elemental enemies of numerous different types in a mission. Energy element weapons deal regular damage (75%) to all elemental enemies.

Physical Element Weapons

Physical element weapons are weapons that do not contain any of the four other types of elements. Physical weapons deal a lot of damage on physical enemies, but an equal, lesser amount on fire, water and nature enemies, and equal amounts of damage on wood, stone and metal structures. 

Achieving a god roll on a PL 130 item can revolutionise your weapon and deal incredible amount of power. However, as any Fortnite STW fan will know, without online purchasing, obtaining a PL130 weapon is incredibly time consuming. In addition, the chances of getting a god roll on any of these weapons are incredibly slim. Here at, you not only have the ability to receive a god-rolled weapon, it will also be the gun, bow or melee weapon of your choice. We have done the hard work so you don’t have to - shop our range now and start winning more matches.

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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