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Accounts and Codes

Start your Fortnite game afresh with a new account or items gained from our redeemable codes. If levelling up is taking longer than you expected or if you are simply bored of your account and are looking for something different in your next challenge, why not consider purchasing one of our accounts?

Our Fortnite Save the World accounts will grant you access to a huge range of new abilities, levels, storage spaces and more, and you will be more than thrilled with the amount of skins, pickaxes, emotes, gliders and wraps that are available on our Fortnite Battle Royale accounts.

Our STW and BR accounts have availability options on Xbox, PS4 or PC, but we’d advise checking the particular specifications of each account by selecting from the options below. Additionally, in case you are unsure what to look out for, we have included a handy guide at the bottom of this page, which highlights some of the appealing features that can be found across our range of accounts. Happy browsing!

Important Fortnite STW account attributes to consider

If you are hoping to purchase one of our accounts, we want to make sure that you are getting an account that is perfect for you. Each is packed full of features, but the main factors you will want to consider are the following:


Most players will be seeking an account that allows them to grow with it by levelling it up over time, but that is of a high level in specific areas. We can break this down further:

Power Level (PL)

Power Level is a measurement of skill and how capable a player is in Fortnite Save The World. This measurement determines the quests that a player is able to engage in, and players will not be able to access certain missions until the power level reaches a specific point. Capped at 145, Power Level is the main metric that determines a player’s overall level of ability. When purchasing an account, we would advise opting for a lower power level, as this way, you will be able to enjoy all of the spoils of levelling up your account by completing missions.

Commander Level

Commander level is the factor that determines what kind of access a player has to their skills, upgrades, and tools. An account’s commander level is determined by the amount of commander experience it has gained through playing quests and missions. Completing each level will grant an account rewards such as schematic experience, flux and skill points. Commander level caps at 310.

Collection Book Level

A player can improve their collection book level by placing Heroes, Schematics, Defenders, and Survivors into the Collection Book in return for experience points (xp). The amount of experience points offered by the Collection Book will depend on the type, level and rarity of the item that is deposited. As the Collection Book will grant a player rewards that increase in value depending on their Collection Book Level, it is in account’s best interest to have a high Collection Book Level in order to reap the highest rewards.


Storage is a mechanic in Fortnite STW that determines the amount of items that a player can carry. An account’s storage consists of its Backpack Space and overall Storage Space. Many players choose to purchase accounts based on the amount of storage spaces they have available, and a player may choose to purchase an account simply to have somewhere to store items.

Amount of Survivors

When considering a new account, be sure to consider the amount of both mythic survivors and legendary survivors that there are currently on the account. A player will use survivors to build Survivor Squads. It is good practice to have on a survivor squad a combination of mythic lead survivors, who have names and pre-assigned personalities, and legendary survivors, who do not. 

Amount of Heroes

Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of both mythic heroes and legendary heroes that are saved on the account. Heroes are playable characters that each have a unique class with different abilities, including Outlanders, Soldiers, Constructors and Ninjas.

Experience (XP)

The amount of experience available on an account will dictate to what extent you are able to use it to level up certain items in the game, as your overall player progression. 

Hero Experience (XP)

Accounts with a higher amount of hero experience will be better suited to level up heroes and defenders.

Survivor Experience (XP)

If you purchase an account with a large amount of survivor experience, you will be in a better position to be better suited to level up survivors and lead survivors.

Schematic Experience (XP)

Schematic experience-rich accounts will allow you to be better at levelling up weapons and traps. 

Hero Recruitment Vouchers

A player can use a Hero Recruitment Voucher to obtain a Legendary or Mythic hero inside the Collection Book. 


A player may choose to purchase an account based on the amount of virtual currency - known as V-Bucks - that the account contains.


An account that has many building materials or crafting materials in its inventory may be appealing to a player. However, these items can always be purchased on this site additionally.

Things to look out for when purchasing a Fortnite Battle Royale account:

We also have a number of Fortnite Battle Royale accounts available for purchase, each with varying features on each account. The main aspects to look out for are as follows:


Perhaps the most sought-after aspect of any account is the skins that are available on it. Many of the outfits contained within these accounts are very rare and are sure to earn you some bragging rights!


Emotes are items available in both Battle Royale and Save The World modes that allow a player to dance, taunt, or simply express themselves in a certain way. Each of our Battle Royale accounts contain a large amount of emotes. 

Backpacks/Back Blings

Each of our Battle Royale accounts comes ready with many backpacks. Backpacks appear on your character’s back in-game. As they are for cosmetic purposes only and do not carry any competitive advantage, most players treat these as collectors’ items. 

Pickaxes/Harvesting Tools

Arguably the most important item in Fortnite, a player will use a pickaxe to mine materials that are then used to upgrade items or build structures. Many players may choose to purchase an account based on the pickaxes that it has, as some extremely rare harvesting tools exist in the game. 


Players use gliders to land safely on the ground when jumping from the Battle Bus at the beginning of Battle Royale matches. As many different styles of Gliders exist and none offer competitive advantages over another, they are purely cosmetic and are treated as collectors’ items.


Wraps alter the appearance of weapons and vehicles to match a particular theme. Many wraps are considered rare, so take a look at the ones that we offer on our accounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my account?

By purchasing one of our accounts, you will gain full access to the account of your choosing almost immediately. As soon as we have received your payment, we will email you both the Epic Games login details and the email address login details of the account that you have chosen. 

How will I receive my code?

If you are planning on purchasing one of our codes, you will first need to check whether it can be redeemed in your country, and whether it is compatible with the platform that you wish to play on. For example, some of our codes are only available to Playstation players as they will be delivered via a PSN key. 

After purchase, the code will be sent to you via email, but if you would also like to receive your code via our live chat function, simply send us a message there with your order number after your purchase.

How do I redeem my code?

The way that you redeem your code will depend on which platform you are playing on.

How to redeem a code on Playstation

Log into your PSN (PlayStation Network) account. Click on the “Playstation Store” icon.
From the menu on the left, select 'Redeem Code'.
Enter your unique code that we have sent to you and follow the prompts to activate.
Download your game onto your system!

How to redeem a code on Xbox

Sign in to your Xbox on the Microsoft account you want to redeem the code with.
Select 'Store'.
Select 'Use a code'.
Enter the 25-character code that we will have sent you after payment.

How to redeem a code on PC

Select Your Preferred Platform or 'Sign In With Epic Games' if you already have an Epic Account.
Verify that you are logged into the correct account, and you should see a display name in the upper right corner of the screen.
Enter or copy/paste the code as-is into the “Enter Access Code” text field.
Select “REDEEM."
Verify the item you are redeeming and select “ACTIVATE."
Launch Fortnite with the same Epic account.

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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