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Assault Rifles

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Our range of Assault Rifles will bring you the very best firepower that Fortnite STW ranged guns can offer. Here, you will find full-automatics, semi-automatics, LMGs, ray guns, as well as every other Assault Rifle classification. Choose from the hugely popular Siegebreaker, Nocturno, Bobcat, and much more. 

Each Assault Rifle has a power level of 130, is max perked, god-rolled and carries elemental damage of one type.

Additionally, if you are looking for ammunition for your Assault Rifle, head over to our ammo page.

Assault Rifles are arguably the best weapon type in Fortnite Save the World. They are medium-ranged weapons that are both easy to fire and deal an immense amount of damage. These weapons are very versatile and are effective in the majority of combat situations that players encounter in the game. Owing to their medium-to-high Fire Rate, great accuracy and rapid Reload Speed, these 130 Assault Rifles are all-rounders.

Assault Rifles can be used to great effect by players of each class, regardless of whether you are playing as a Soldier, an Outlander, a Ninja, or a Constructor.

Different Types of Assault Rifles

While each weapon listed here sits under the category of Assault Rifles, these can be categorised further depending on the weapon’s rate of fire. The eight Assault Rifle classifications are:

Auto Rifles

Fully automatic (full auto) Assault Rifles are fast-firing guns that use a consistent flow of ammunition and have a higher rate of fire. These guns are also very accurate when looking down their sights. As they are considered all-rounder weapons, Auto Rifles are suitable for Soldiers, Outlanders, Ninjas, and Constructors. Auto Rifles most commonly use light bullets as their form of ammunition.

Burst Rifles

Burst Rifles fire bursts of ammunition and can be targeted more precisely from mid-range than Auto Rifles. They have a great fire rate and deal more damage than Auto Rifles, but they use ammunition more rapidly. Burst Rifles are best suited to Soldiers, Constructors and Outlanders.

LMG Rifles

Light Machine Guns (LMG Rifles) inflict a great deal of damage, have a very fast fire rate and can carry a large amount of ammunition. LMG Rifles are best used in close-quarters combat, as they can be quite inaccurate when on the move. LMG Rifles use medium ammo, are best suited to Soldiers, Constructors and Outlanders.

Doubleshot (Dualshot) Rifles

Doubleshot rifles are a cross between semi-automatic rifles and burst rifles, as they fire two rounds of ammunition with every burst, and are more effective when firing from longer range due to their accuracy. The headshot damage that can be dealt using Doubleshot Rifles is higher than with any other type of rifle. Dualshot rifles are suited to Soldiers, Constructors and Outlanders.

Surgical Rifles

Surgical Rifles are scoped assault rifles that fire bursts of three rounds of ammunition. They use medium bullets as their form of ammo.

Single-Shot Rifles

Much like Semi-Auto Rifles, Single-Shot Rifles have great accuracy, but a slower rate of fire. Single-Shot rifles carry less ammo than Semi-Auto Rifles due to their smaller clip size, and they use Shells ‘n’ Slugs as their form of ammunition.

Semi-Auto Rifles

Semi-automatic rifles are single-shot rifles that require you to pull the trigger for each shot that you take. Their reduced fire rate may be considered a disadvantage, but their regular damage and headshot damage is high and they are very accurate.


Rayguns are fully automatic Assault Rifles that deal nature damage against enemies. Nature damage does not have a distinct advantage over a particular type of enemy, it is considerably effective against all elemental enemies. Rayguns use Energy Cells as their form of ammo.

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Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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