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Which of the four Fortnite STW classes is right for you?

When starting out playing Fortnite Save the World, players face a choice that will define the course of their STW journey and the way in which they play - which class your character is going to be. For players who have not previously played Fortnite: Battle Royale, or any other type of PvE game, this can pose a bit of a problem. It is in a player’s best interest to select a class that is in line with their playing style, but how can a player make a decision like that when they have no idea what their playing style actually looks like?

If you are new to Fortnite STW and at this point, you have no idea what classes are, how they work, or which you should select, then this guide is for you! This guide will help you to select a player class that you are going to enjoy the most. 

So what are the classes in Fortnite Save the World?

The four playable classes are Soldiers, Outlanders, Ninjas, and Constructors. Each class has specific characteristics that make them the ideal fit for a particular role. They have unique abilities that allow them to dominate in certain situations, but of course, there are elements of play that they do not excel in as a result.

Let’s take a look at each of the classes that a player can choose to play with in Fortnite STW!


Soldiers are the most popular class in Fortnite Save the World. As the most standard typical shooter you can play with in the game, their popularity can be attributed to their approachability and ease of use.

Anyone who has ever played a shoot’em up game will coordinate with the soldier class; they provide constant damage per second (DPS) through their relentless firepower to bring support to effective squads. Needless to say, no strong team can exist without a powerful soldier! More often than not, this force will come from Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Snipers and Explosives, such as Frag Grenades. When it comes to firing a consistent flow of rounds of ammunition at enemies, Soldiers are the most reliable class.

Considering their ability to use shotguns and melee weapons, Soldiers can deal a lot of damage when engaging with enemies up close during close-range combat. However, their abilities shine through most when firing from range. When playing as part of a team, Soldiers often take on the duty of inflicting the bulk of damage upon an enemy, then allowing the biggest damage dealers, such as Ninjas, to finish them off.

The five class abilities of a Soldier are as follows:

War Cry

This ability will have your character shout an inspiring War Cry which will increase the stats of nearby friendly characters up to 4 tiles away. They will gain a 40% increase in damage and 40% attack speed for ranged weapons, and a 40% increase in damage and 16% increase in attack speed for melee weapons. 


The Shockwave ability causes your Soldier to emit a shockwave by slamming a grenade into the ground. This will knock back enemies within 1 tile range and deal energy damage.

Lefty and Righty

The Lefty and Righty ability allows your player to equip two pistols, one in each hand, akimbo-style. These pistols fire 6 times per second, dealing physical damage for 10 seconds.

Goin’ Commando!!!

Sometimes better known as simply the Minigun, Goin’ Commando!!! allows your player to equip a minigun which deals physical damage per shot and fires 18 times per second for 10 seconds.

Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade ability allows the Soldier to throw a Frag Grenade which detonates after a few seconds. It deals energy damage to any enemies within a 0.5 tile radius.

As a standard, every Soldier will carry the Suppressive Fire perk. The benefit of this perk is that whenever you land consecutive shots on the same target, you will deal an additional 3% damage, up to 5 stacks. Although, this bonus will be lost if you switch targets. 

Every Soldier will also have the Stay Frosty perk. This means that whenever you eliminate three enemies, your Ranged Weapon Damage will increase by 10%, and your Weapon Stability by 35%. This will last for a total of 7 seconds. 

With a Soldier, you simply know what you are getting into, and as a result, they are an excellent option for players who are unsure as to which class to play with. In a Soldier, you will find a class that is able to punish enemies with their unfaltering firepower, and one that can build forts and structures when you need them most. Ensure you have a lot of ammo ready for your Soldier - you are certainly going to need it!


Whether we like it or not, crafting weapons is a huge part of the game. Fortnite Save the World is a game of grinding; it takes immense levels of patience and determination to reach the highest power level possible, and crafting weapons from your schematics is at the very heart of this process.

As obtaining sufficient levels of crafting materials is massively important to a player’s progress throughout Fortnite STW, it is unsurprising that many players select Outlanders as their class of choice. As well as being one of the more versatile classes of the four, Outlanders are naturally gifted at harvesting resources due to their special abilities that allow them to move more quickly and to discover resources efficiently. They are natural-born scavengers; they are able to find the rarest items with ease, and any chest that they discover will offer loot that is much more attractive than any other class would be able to find. The Outlander’s five class abilities signify their aptitude for gathering resources. They are:


This class ability will deploy a robot bear which will help you to eliminate husks. The T.E.D.D.Y. can fire up to 4 shots per second, dealing 13 base damage per shot. However, T.E.D.D.Y. only lasts 15 seconds. 

Shock Tower

The Shock Tower is another deployable device. This powerful structure shocks nearby enemies and can stun them also. The Shock Tower deals 12 base damage. 

Seismic Smash

The Seismic Smash ability allows you to punch the ground. This will create a fissure of energy that will deal 62,561.4 energy damage to nearby enemies. 

Phase Shift

Phase Shift is a teleportation ability. This will allow you to propel yourself forward to travel around the map a lot quicker. This will give you 30% increased movement speed for 3 seconds.

Loot Llama

When you discover a Purple Charge Fragment and pick it up, a Loot Llama will drop. This will contain a variety of crafting materials and ingredients. 

Every Outlander is able to use Anti-Material Charge as one of their class perks. This perk is a punch that propels the player forwards, destroying structures and harvesting their materials. To activate, use the Heavy Attack with your pickaxe equipped. This will inflict damage upon enemies. This is an extremely effective way of breaking down structures to farm for materials.

Another perk Outlanders can use is In The Zone. This perk will increase your Pickaxe Damage by 25% and your Movement Speed by 7.5 after you have consecutively hit a structure with your pickaxe 5 times. This will allow you to farm for loot a lot quicker. Not only that, but nearby containers will glow when In The Zone is activated, making them much more easily discoverable. 

The amount of damage that an Outlander can deal upon enemies is unfortunately not as significant as that of the Soldier or Ninja classes, but their class abilities are strikingly unique. Not only do they form an effective combination of area of effect attacks and boosts of movement, the cooldown time of these abilities are very short. In this way, a player is likely to use them a lot more often. Additionally, if you are planning to farm huge amounts of fortnite items, crafting materials, crafting ingredients and more, this is the class for you. However, if dealing immense amounts of damage is more your thing, it may be worth considering another class. Don’t forget, we stock all of the items you could ever need that will aid your progression throughout Fortnite Save the World, so harvesting resources need not be a worry!


Ninjas deal an immense amount of damage and are incredibly powerful in combat, and as a result, they are hugely popular among Fortnite Save the World players. However, as opposed to raining heavy bullets, blasting shells n’ slugs, or beaming energy cells at enemies, Ninjas opt for a hit-and-run tactic by slicing and dicing husks using melee weapons.

Naturally very quick, agile and mobile, Ninjas have no trouble dipping in and out of close-quarters combat to deliver aggressive burst damage. If you like to engage enemies up close in hand-to-hand combat using axes, swords and blades, you will certainly have a lot of fun with the Ninja class! 

The five class abilities of a Ninja are:

Crescent Kick

Crescent Kick deals damage on husks and can also stun them. It is a powerful spin kick that deals large amounts of damage.

Dragon Slash

Dragon Slash propels a player forward, slashing enemies for a large amount of damage. This ability is extremely effective for crowd control!

Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb is a class ability that drops a smoke bomb to slow the movement of any husk nearby. It will also deal damage once every second.

Throwing Stars

The Throwing Stars ability will allow you to throw a series of throwing stars at enemies, inflicting significant damage. 

Kunai Storm

The Kunai Store ability vaults a player up into the air and throws a barrage of kunai at enemies directly below you.

Ninjas also carry the Shadow Stance class perk. This turns the player into a shadow whenever they get a kill with a melee weapon. This effect increases a player’s Armour by 60 and movement speed by 15. A killer combination!

Ninjas work great as a part of a team as they can quickly and efficiently finish off enemies that have been weakened by players of classes with a higher DPS. Our main piece of advice to successfully play using a Ninja is to constantly remain on the move. A Ninja’s agility is entirely unique to its class - be sure to make use of it, or you may be punished!

A Ninja’s construction abilities certainly lack in comparison to others, but their main drawback is their lower base Health, which is why it is essential to keep moving. A Ninja will not be able to take the same sort of damage that a Soldier can, so absorbing hits on behalf of your team is certainly out of the question.

To summarise, Ninjas are punishingly quick and powerful, and bring unique abilities to the table like the Mantis Leap class perk, which enables them to never take fall damage and to double jump, even when in the air. Their lower base health means that they can lose out to more powerful enemies if they are unable to use their agility to escape in time, but all in all, their class is extremely tempting. And you must admit, they look pretty cool, right?


As their name suggests, when it comes to building structures, there is no more naturally gifted class in Fortnite Save the World than Constructors. With the ability to quickly and effectively build structures and improve bases, Constructors excel in all areas of fortification.

As building fortified, protective structures is essential for survival when in open combat, Constructors can be the difference between a good team and a bad one. As well as excelling at building structures that protect objectives and players, Constructors build homebases that are simply unlike any other. 

Constructors are also extremely resistant and durable. As they have the highest base Health and Shield of all Fortnite STW classes, a Constructor is extremely reliable and is often called upon to take on the role of the tank when engaging with enemies. Constructors use melee weapons, such as axes, hammers and clubs to great effect, as well as explosive weapons

Constructors’ five class abilities are as follows:

Bull Rush

An ability that will propel your player forward three tiles, dealing physical damage to enemies whilst pushing them away with your shield.


An ability that will distract any enemies in your nearby radius for 6 seconds. 

Plasma Pulse

An ability that emits plasma mines that deal energy damage over 6 seconds. 


This deploys a mountable turret that can fire 7 shots per second, up to a total of 150 shots.

Goin’ Constructor

Equips a hammer and a shield that reduces damage taken from the front by 95%. Lasts 16 seconds. 

Constructors also have the Kinetic Overload class perk, which allows them to deal additional melee damage. Melee knockbacks and staggers will trigger this perk, which will then deal 25 Base energy damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, after melee critical hits, all melee impact damage will increase by 10% for 5 seconds, up to 5 stacks. Needless to say, if you put a melee weapon in the hands of a Constructor, it could be deadly!

All Constructors are able to deploy a B.A.S.E. at will. A B.A.S.E. is a mechanical structure that increases the armour of any structure that it is attached to, or is within 4 tiles. Not only will these structures be able to withstand more damage, but everything that is built within this space will cost fewer resources to construct. 

The unsung hero and solid foundation of any successful team, the Constructor’s role on the battlefield is hugely important and should never be underestimated. If you are looking for a class that defends well, can fortify and repair structures with ease, and can control crowds to keep a team safe, then look no further - the Constructor class is perfect for you!

As you have seen, each class has its own unique abilities and skills that allow its players to perform certain functions exceptionally well, but lead them to lack in certain areas as a result. They are all exceptional in their own right, and none of them are superior to another. Unfortunately, that may leave you with a pretty tricky decision!

We hope that this guide has helped you to make a choice on which class you would like to pursue based on your preferences and the way you wish to play the game.

Now for the hard part - choosing a Fortnite STW class!

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