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Explosive Weapons

Explosive Weapons allow you to deal huge amounts of damage across a wide area, from a distance.

With their immense crowd-control capabilities, explosives allow you to eliminate numerous enemies with one shot when aimed correctly.

Each explosive weapon among our range has varying specifications, but each has a Power Level of 130. They all equip one type of element, ranging from Fire, Water, Nature, Energy or Physical damage. As they are god-rolled, max-perked and are at full durability, you are bound to do a lot of damage with these weapons, whichever one (or ten!) you choose!

The majority of explosive weapons use explosive ammo (or rockets) as their primary form of ammunition. You can purchase this by heading over to our ammunition page. Conversely, there are others that use Energy Cells.

Due to their explosiveness, rockets fired by Explosive Weapons have the ability to pierce multiple enemies at a time.

Explosive Weapons are also one of the best options for destroying structures. Firing a rocket at a structure—regardless of whether it is a wood, stone or metal structure—is the fastest way to bring it down.

However, players should consider that it is possible to inflict damage upon themselves with Explosive Weapons. In this situation, users should take care when firing an Explosive Weapon from close range. 

In terms of classes, Constructors benefit most from explosive weapons, as their damage radius and speed compliment the play style of a Constructor.

Explosive weapons generally tend to have a low durability, so they can be an expensive weapon to recraft. In this situation, acquiring your PL 130 Explosive Weapons here at will save you the hours it will take to craft these weapons, and will leave you more time to enjoy the game how you see fit. We're sure you'll agree that blowing things up is a lot more fun than crafting!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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