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A look at some Fortnite STW Updates - August 2021

As our previous monthly Fortnite Save the World Updates have shown (see June’s Fortnite STW update and July’s Fortnite STW update) Epic Games are continuing with their releases of Fortnite STW updates and patch notes to keep your quests, heroes, weapons and overall experience playing the game as exciting as possible. 

This month, we are taking a look at the most exciting things that have come to the game in August 2021. We will explore the recent ability changes (including those made to the Grenades and Goin’ Commando abilities), as well as the new playable heroes, new weapons and new quests that have been, or will shortly be made available to all players.

Happy reading!

Hit the Road Venture Season is Coming to an End!

As most of you will know, Hit the Road is an event that includes a series of quests that take place in the Blasted Badlands, a zone in the southwest of Canny Valley.

These quests are time sensitive, and as the season is drawing to a close, you risk losing this season’s rewards if you don’t manage to complete the quests involved!

Make sure you get all of these done before the 4th of September, after which it will be too late!

Update to Hero Perks and Class Abilities

In both the Homebase Status Report from the 17th of August and that of the previous week, Epic Games announced the change that they have been making to specific underperforming and underutilised hero perks and class abilities.

They have mentioned that the list of perks that they are hoping to update is huge, but those that have already seen a difference are Frag Grenades and abilities similar to it, including Cluster Bomb, Grenade Damage, Pull the Pin, Keep Out, and Goin’ Constructor.

Frag Grenades and Similar Hero Abilities Update

As Grenades have simply not been powerful enough to deal a sufficient amount of damage to husks, the Grenades ability has been buffed to boost the amount of power that can be dealt with each grenade. 

As these Grenades are more powerful than before, the energy cost required was slightly increased. However, due to feedback from the community, Epic Games decided to revert the energy cost to their original level.

Goin’ Constructor Hero Abilities Update

The Goin’ Constructor hero ability has also gone through some changes, as it has had some serious drawbacks in the past. 

Before, once you had begun the Goin’ Constructor ability, you were unable to switch it off. Since the update, you can now cancel the ability whenever suits you best - this is certainly beneficial for when you get surrounded by enemies!

Additionally, when you raise your shield, it applies a taunt similar to that of the D.E.C.O.Y ability. When you use this taunt, it attracts enemies towards you, who will begin to engage you in combat instead of breaking down your structures or attacking your allies. This can be an effective way of taking on the role of a tank when the situation requires it. However, it is important to note that this taunt will only work on lesser enemies, not Mist Monsters, such as Smashers, Blasters and others.

Commanders also have more defensive power when using the Goin’ Constructor ability! When the ability is turned on, players receive a massive boost to their armour - an increase of 75 is certainly significant, especially when it was 0 previously! Also, when using the shield taunt, players will receive a whopping additional 675 armour! This additional defence will not only account for attacks that come from in front of you (that you are blocking with your shield), but for attacks coming from all directions, unlike before. We repeat, this is excellent for those who frequently take on the role of a tank!

New Heroes

Many new heroes became available during the month of August, most of which you can purchase now, or will shortly become available in the Item Shop or Event Store.

Tactical Assault Sledgehammer

Tactical Assault Sledgehammer is a Legendary hero of the Soldier class. He is an incredibly powerful hero who can deal an immense amount of damage. His Standard Perk is Assault Crit Damage, which increases the critical damage dealt by Assault Rifles and SMGs by 75%. His Commander Perk is Assault Crit Damage+, which does the same thing, but increases this critical damage to an immense 225%! Make no mistake, but using this war hero, you are sure to wipe out your enemies.

Tactical Assault Sledgehammer will be available for purchase from the Item Shop from the 21st of August at (8 PM ET). Don’t miss out!

Thunder Thora

Thunder Thora is a Legendary hero of the Constructor class. As you can tell by her appearance, she comes from the Viking Heroes Collection Book. Her Standard Perk is Electrified Floors, which causes all enemies standing on structures affected by B.A.S.E to take 12.7 base Energy Damage every 5 seconds. Secondly, her Commander Perk is  Electrified Floors+, which increases this base Energy Damage to 38.1. 

You can unlock Thunder Thora by completing the Cloaked Star Hits the Road Part 2 quest. You want to make sure you get your hands on this one!

Paleo Luna

Paleo Luna is a Legendary hero of the Ninja class, so it goes without saying, she is the perfect option for hand-to-hand combat with Melee Weapons! As is made obvious by her appearance, she is one of the many Dino Heroes you can play with in the game. Her Standard Perk is Saurian Claws, which adds 3% of Current Health to Melee Weapon Damage. Secondly, her Commander Perk is Saurian Claws+, which raises that number to 9%. Whether it's a sword, hammer, axe or scythe you’re using, Paleo Luna is the hero for you!

You can unlock Paleo Luna by completing the Tales From Beyond questline, during which ​​you search for a strange visitor beyond the bounds of reality!

Redline Ramirez

Redline Ramirez is a Legendary hero of the Soldier class, whose attire (including her awesome-looking helmet) clearly displays that she comes from the Road Trip Heroes Collection Book. If you are looking for a loadout that works well with Sniper Rifles, Redline Ramirez is a great option. Her Standard Perk is Quick Scope, which increases Sniper Damage by 17%. When used as a Commander, her Commander Perk is Quick Scope+, which not only increases Sniper Damage by 17%, but also boosts Fire Rate by 45%. 

You can find Redline Ramirez in the Event Store now - be sure to make the most of this opportunity whilst you have it!

New Weapons

Also new to Fortnite Save the World this month are two exciting Boombox weapons, a Pistol and a Melee Weapon!

Hot Mix

The Hot Mix is a Legendary Pistol that belongs to the Boombox Weapons Weapon set. 

This Pistol fires Sonic Blasts that are capable of piercing enemies. With a large clip size and low recoil, this is definitely a fantastic Pistol to keep in your arsenal for when you engage enemies on the move.

When an enemy is hit by this weapon, there is a chance that it will cause them to dance. While this may sound like a good thing, we can assure you, in the case of husks, it is not! While dancing, enemies will take Fire affliction damage for a short space of time. However, it is important to note that this dancing and burning effect will neither affect Mist Monsters or Bosses. 

The Hot Mix uses light ammo as its form of ammunition.

Of course, you can always purchase a god-rolled Hot Mix here, with max perks, at full durability and with a Physical element attached!

Surround Pound

The Surround Pound is a Legendary Melee Weapon that also belongs to the Boombox Weapons Weapon set. 

This hammer features both a great attack speed and excellent impact. When using it, players are able to perform the Bass Drop ability - this sees players smash the hammer to the ground, an effect which will create a series of sonic pulses that deal damage to enemies, as well as knocking them back.

Much like the Hot Mix, enemies that you stun or knock back with this weapon will begin to dance for a short duration. Again, this will neither affect Mist Monsters or Bosses.

As is the case with the Hot Mix, you can always purchase a god-rolled Surround Pound here too! This weapon will equally have max perks, full durability, and a Physical element.

New Quests

The most recent update from Epic Games saw the introduction of new quests to the Hit the Road storyline!

Hit the Road

Beat Bot returns to Hit the Road! As part of this quest, you will need to help Beat Bot to the Radio Station to broadcast his Song of the Summer. During the quest, the following modifiers will be active:


Enemies will move and attack 25% faster.

Slowing Pools

Eliminated enemies spawn a pool that slows down Commanders.


Ranged weapons deal more damage and have a faster reload speed.


Commanders’ movement speed increases.

Not only is this quest a lot of fun to work through, completing it will earn you Gold, Tickets and the 2019 Hit the Road Loading Screen.

And that’s it for August’s STW updates! We hope you enjoy the game’s rebuffed abilities, along with all of the new playable features of Fortnite Save the World. As always, if you looking for Fortnite items of any type, whether that be weapons, traps, crafting materials, building materials, ammo, mission help or pro builds, at, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks for reading, and have fun experiencing everything that this game has to offer!

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