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A look at some Fortnite STW Updates - July 2021

A new month means new releases to Fortnite Save the World! Once again, Epic Games have announced their latest Fortnite STW updates in their Homebase Status Report (7.20.2021), meaning that there are plenty of new items, quests, and heroes in the game for you to enjoy!

As was the case with June’s Fortnite STW updates post, in this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at each of the game’s recent additions to give you more insight into what you should expect and to help you to get a better idea what your game will look like over the next month!

Happy reading!

Celebrate Save The World’s 4th Birthday

Those of you who have been playing Fortnite Save the World for quite some time will know that celebrations are in order - Fortnite STW has recently celebrated its fourth birthday!

July 24, 2021 was a big day for everyone at Fortnite Save the World, both the team who created the game and us who play and love it. But what do they have planned for us? How are we going to celebrate this momentous occasion?

Birthday Llamas

One way that you can take part in the birthday festivities is by earning Birthday Llamas! These celebratory Llamas offer some fantastic rewards, such as weapons, heroes and schematics from all previous Save the World seasons.

You can grab up to three Birthday Llamas during this celebration. Your first two can be grabbed from the store - they will be available from the 21st of July to the 27th of July at 8PM ET.

Sploding Husks Quest

You can get hold of your final Birthday Llama by completing the short “Sploding Husks” quest. This quest can be found in your quest log under the ‘Fortnite Birthday Celebration’ event. In this quest, you will need to eliminate Cake Sploders to put an end to the Husk Celebrations. 

Beyond the Stellar Horizon Questline 

As events and questlines like this do not come around very often, we highly recommend you complete the Beyond the Stellar Horizon questline! This will introduce many different quests that offer the opportunity to earn a lot of XP. The map is extensive; it’s very fun to explore and promises a lot of hidden gems along the way. We don’t want to ruin the surprise too much, but we can guarantee you that you will have a lot of fun!

Upon the completion of the Beyond the Stellar Horizon Questline, you will unlock a Mythic Outlander who goes by the name of…

Azalea Clark

Whilst Azalea Clark is not technically new, she has been around for quite some time, she has not recently been available to obtain from the Event Store. 

Azalea Clark is a hero of the Outlander class. She is a Space Explorer who is going to be incredibly effective, regardless of what loadout you are using. Her standard perk is Space Technology, which increases Ability Energy Damage by 15.5%, and her Commander Perk is Space Technology+, which does the same thing, but increases this game by 75.5%. Additionally, Shock Tower explodes, which will deal 107 Energy Damage to nearby enemies. Her Team Perk is Z.A.P, which will allow her to deal 105 base Energy Damage to a random enemy every 6 seconds.

Well-Traveled Quest

Well-Travelled is another additional quest which became available on the 24th of July. You can find this in your quest log under the ‘Hit the Road’ event. During the quest, you will be tasked with collecting Hit the Road escort miles, which will allow you to unlock a new hero, Fossil Southie.

Fossil Southie

Fossil Southie is a legendary hero of the Outlander class. Dressed in his dinosaur outfit, it is clear to see that he is of the Dinosaur hero type. Not only that, he can be the perfect hero to use for farming!

His standard perk is Saurian Focus, which means that while his shield is depleted, he is able to regenerate 4 Energy per second. When this same perk is applied as a Commander Perk, 12 Energy is able to regenerate per second.

If you are using Fossil Southie, we certainly recommend using Blast From The Past as your team perk. Why? This perk removes all shields and increases your Max Health by 200%. As you will have no shield active, Fossil Southie’s Saurian Focus perk will be in constant effect. In other words, your Energy will not stop regenerating! This is especially useful if you are expending Energy by harvesting materials, meaning that you will not have to make breaks during your harvesting process. Of course, another great way to attain large amounts of crafting materials is to purchase them here at… just a thought!

Hit the Road Part 2 

Hit the Road Part 2 is back to Fortnite Save the World! In this quest, you will escort Crackshot to the Radio Station so that he can broadcast part 2 of his Song of the Summer. By completing this quest, you will be able to unlock the Deciblaster schematic!


The Deciblaster is a legendary explosive weapon that can deal some incredible damage. It is from the Boombox Weapon Set and it uses Energy Cells as its bullet type. The main drawback with this weapon is that it can use a large amount of ammo, but it is certainly a lot of fun to use.

Dennis Jr.

Dennis Jr is also available for use! He is a mythic hero of the Constructor class, and we’re sure that you’ll notice that his appearance bears a strong resemblance to the famous guitarist Slash from Guns n’ Roses! He is the perfect hero to use if you are a fan of melee weapons, as his standard perk is Shredder, which ensures that axe eliminations have a 11% chance to grant Rockin’ Riff, which increases damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds. His Commander Perk, on the other hand, is Shredder+, which increases this chance to 37%. His Team Perk is Totally Rockin’ Out, which means that Rockin’ Riff increases your Crit Rating by 160 (decaying over 8 seconds) and Heals for 73.75 base health.

Be ready for the 31st of July at 8PM ET, as two additional heroes will be available for use!


As of the 31st of July at 8PM ET, Archaeolo-Jess will become available for purchase in the Event Store. Archaeolo-Jess is a hero of the Outlander class. She is of the Pathfinder hero type, which you should be able to tell through her Indiana Jones-style, explorer-type outfit! Much like Fossil Southie, she is an excellent choice for farming. 

Her Standard Perk is Strike Cost, which increases Anti-Material Charge heavy attack efficiency by 28%. Additionally, her Commander Perk completely takes this benefit to the next level by increasing this efficiency to a whopping 128%!

Hit the Road Part 2 

There is a quest that is included as a part of Hit the Road Part 2 that will require you to help Penny to make her way back to the Radio Station to broadcast part 2 of her Song of the Summer, as is the case with Crackshot! When you complete this quest, you will unlock another incredible hero: Parasaur Jess!

Parasaur Jess

Parasaur Jess is a legendary hero of the Outlander class. As displayed by her attire, she is a Dinosaur-type hero. She takes on a healer role, as her Her Standard Perk is Saurian Instinct, which allows for abilities to heal for 7.2% of max health when used. In addition, her Commander Perk is Saurian Instinct+, which does the same thing, but raises this percentage to 21.5%.

And those are July’s updates! We’re sure they are going to keep you entertained for a while. Keep your eyes peeled for all of these exciting new Fortnite items and playable features in Fortnite Save the World. 

Thanks for reading, and see you out there!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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