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A look at some Fortnite STW Updates - September 2021

The beginning of September has brought a new Homebase Status Report from Epic Games, and this one is a big one! Just as we have done in the past—you can refer back to our August Fortnite STW Update for the last edition—we will be keeping you up to speed on all of the latest Fortnite STW updates, showing you what you should look forward to this month and offering our advice on the latest releases.

This month, we will explore all of the exciting things that have come to the game in September 2021, as well as those that will shortly be arriving. This includes the brand new Ventures season, the new Lars pack, the return of the Fortnightmares Llamas and the new playable heroes! 

Happy reading!

New Ventures Season is here!

As most players of Fortnite Save the World will know, the previous Ventures season took place in the Blasted Badlands, a zone in the southwest of Canny Valley. As of the 4th of September at 8pm Eastern Time, this came to an end, and we now find ourselves in a brand new Ventures season! 

Ventures Season 7 will take place in the Hexslyvania Venture Zone. This zone includes some incredible maps for you to explore and it guarantees to be a lot of fun. To see all of the rewards you can expect from the new Ventures Season in their entirety, you can take a look at FortniteDB’s Ventures Season 7 Rewards list.

Hexslyvania is certainly a spooky setting. It is a mist-filled, Transylvania-type area that is guaranteed to give you a fright. Just to make it even scarier, ​​husks will receive less damage from Weapons, Abilities and Traps, so you had better make sure you are equipped with the right type of firepower!

The close range modifier will be active, which will mean that you will need to use close ranged weapons—such as Pistols, Shotguns, or Melee Weapons—to deal sufficient damage to husks. When you attack an enemy from a range of two tiles away, you will be able to eliminate their buff. This will be great news to any players who are used to performing as a Tank, especially those who often use the Goin’ Constructor ability!

Your efforts will be rewarded for using these weapons and attacking up close, as husks will take 50% more damage when you do so. Not only that, but enemies have a chance of dropping health potions when defeated from close range, which you can use to replenish the health that you may have lost from engaging in close quarters combat.

Long ranged weapons such as Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles will be less effective, so use them at your own peril! 

Within the Hexslyvania maps, there really is so much to explore. Believe us when we say, you are bound to have a lot of fun here.

New Pack: The Fortnite Lars Pack

The new Ventures season wasn’t alone in arriving on the 4th of September, we also gained access to a brand new pack! 

The Fortnite Lars pack features a brand new Hero and Outfit, Lars!

Lars looks like a rocker through and through - he is the lead guitarist of the game’s legendary rock band and science organization, Steel Wool, most known for their songs, Hypertonic BluGlo, O Vinderman, Cyclone of Your Love, and Stand and Fight. More than a gifted guitarist, as you will see if you purchase the pack, Lars is also incredibly talented at defeating husks!

Not only are you able to play using this Hero, but those who purchase the pack will receive the Lars Storm Strummer Backbling, the Lars Prop Chop Pickaxe, the Lars Challenges, and access to Fortnite Save the World, if you do not already have it. When you complete these challenges, you will have the opportunity to earn 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray Tickets.

It is also worth noting that if you purchase this pack, you can use the Lars skin in Fortnite Battle Royale, as well as the Creative game modes.

Dungeons are Returning to Fortnite Save the World!

Fortnite Save the World will shortly be receiving a brand new dungeon! Dungeons are a mode, event, and location in Fortnite Save the World.

Four Dungeons currently exist in the game - The Crypts, The Inferno, The Grotto, and The Labyrinth Dungeons. They can be found south of Plankerton and west of Twine Peaks, and they are all under the control of Dungeon, better known as the Unintelligible Howl. 

When a player enters a Dungeon, they are tasked with fighting off hordes of Monsters, evading traps, and beating every other challenge that comes their way in an effort to be rewarded with some amazing loot. This can include Weapons, Heroes, Candy, a Loading Screen and more. As they progress through the Dungeon, a player will descend deeper and deeper until they come face to face with a boss, who they will need to defeat at the end.

However, this new Dungeon is unfortunately not playable at this moment in time, as Epic Games are still in the process of working on it. In this Homebase Status Report, they have not mentioned when we should expect to see this Dungeon, but it will come at some point during this Ventures season. 

Returning Missions: Wolfy Business Questline

The Wolfy Business Questline is making a return to Fortnite STW! This series of missions first appeared during Fortnitemares 3, and includes some amazing quests. These are: Where Wolf?, Blood Moon Rising, Wakey Wakey, Neighbourhood Night Watch, The Dire, Wolf Me, Wolf Me Not, and Get Packing.

During these quests, a Super Blood Moon arises, meaning that the annual Packstravagaza takes place! Throughout these missions, you will need to help Director Riggs to locate the Packstravagaza. The reward? The incredible Dire—a hero whose abilities we will explore below—will join your squad!

Return of Fortnitemares Llamas

Players who have been playing Fortnite STW for quite some time will know that Fortnitemares Llamas are some of the best Llamas that you can get your hands on! 

Within these Fortnitemares Llamas, you can find Haunted Heroes, Weapons, and Survivors. 

If you manage to slot all 3 of the Legendary Cosplayer Survivors into the Collection Book, you can get your hands on a Jack-o-Launcher. However, if you are not lucky enough to do so, you can grab one here at! Take a look at our 144 Jacko, our 130 Jacko, our 130 Jacko bundle, or our whole range of Jack-o-Launchers here.

New Heroes

A host of new and returning heroes will become available for you to play with in the month of September. Some of these will come as rewards from quests, some will become playable after completing Dungeons, and others will be available for purchase on the Event Store.


Dire is a hero of the Ninja class. Not only is he capable of dealing large amounts of damage when engaging in combat up close, he is also a werewolf, or in other words, an incredible looking hero! As you progress him through stages 1-5, he will gain more and more hair, until he is entirely transformed into a creature that you would find howling at the moon.

His Standard Perk is Night Stalker, which means that only during the evening and night, his Movement Speed increases by 25%. When he is slotted as the Commander, his Commander Perk is Night Stalker+. This will instead increase his Movement Speed by 50% and decrease Energy Cost for all abilities by 50%.

As mentioned above, you can unlock Dire by completing the Wolfy Business Questline. 

Swamp Knight

Swamp Knight is a hero of the Soldier class, and he is another hero who simply looks amazing! With his hidden face, chain mail and cloak, this vampire killer really does look just as menacing as he is.

His Standard perk is Unearthly Treat, which increases the amount of damage dealt against Mist Monsters by up to 42% based on the percentage of his health that is missing. His Commander Perk is Unearthly Treat+, which does the same thing, but also offers an additional benefit. When he takes damage, he has a 45% chance of conjuring a Phantasm. These will target nearby enemies, dealing Energy damage over a 0.5 tile radius. This ability has a 1.5 second cooldown. 

He can be unlocked by completing Dungeons’ quests. 

Mermonster Ken

Mermonster Ken is a hero of the Ninja class in Fortnite Save the World. A true creature of the deep, Mermonster Ken is a freshwater fish monster who can deal devastating damage in hand-to-hand combat.

Mermonster Ken’s Standard Perk is From the Depths, which increases Melee Damage by 44%, based on his percentage of missing health. His Commander Perk, From the Depths+, does the same thing, but additionally, melee heavy attack eliminations have a 60% chance of conjuring a Phantasm, just like we saw with Swamp Knight. 

Mermonster Ken can also be unlocked by completing Dungeons’ quests. 


Ragnarok is a hero of the Outlander class. You really are spoilt for choice with these new heroes, as just like the others, Ragnarok’s appearance is impressive! The ‘cold harbinger of fate’, as his name suggests, Ragnarok is from the Viking Heroes Collection Book.

His Standard Perk is Return to Sender, which returns Seismic Smash to its origin point and decreases Seismic Smash Damage and Impact by 25%. His Commander Perk, Return to Sender+, will do the same thing, but will increase Seismic Smash Damage and Impact by 125%.

Ragnarok is available for purchase from the Event Store now!

Plague Doctor Igor

Plague Doctor Igor is a hero of the Ninja class, so he is definitely one that you will want to be using with Melee Weapons. Just like all of the others, he looks amazing. His appearance is like that of an old plague doctor, but the steampunk version!

His Standard Perk is Deep Pockets, which decreases Smoke Bomb Energy Cost by 38%. His Commander Perk, Deep Pockets+, does the same thing, but decreases this cost by 75%.

Plague Doctor Igor will be available for purchase from the Event Store from the 11th of September at (8 PM ET). Grab him while he’s there!

That’s all of September’s STW updates! We hope you make the most of Ventures Season 7 in Hexslyvania and reap all of its fantastic rewards, as well as enjoying all of the new quests and heroes that will not be at your disposal in Fortnite Save the World. 

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Thank you for reading, and have fun out there!

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