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Impossible Build

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Impossible Build Weapons are Modded Weapons are modified against their original specifications to deal higher amounts of damage.

Among this selection, we stock supercharged, double element weapons, weapons that feature as many as 10 perks, weapons with elements that contrast to that which they were originally assigned, and more.

These Impossible Builds are incredibly rare, unique, and impossible to find anywhere else, either in the game or online.

Grab a true showpiece and flex on your fellow Fortnite STW players with your never-before-seen Impossible Build Modded Weapon!

Impossible Build weapons in Fortnite Save the World are unique and rare for several reasons. This assortment contains:

Weapons made of unexpected materials

As most players of Fortnite Save the World will know, weapons cycle through various materials that denote the ‘tiers’ of the weapon. These tiers are Copper, Silver, Malachite, Shadowshard and Obsidian, and Sunbeam and Brightcore. A player will upgrade weapons until they reach their maximum and transition onto the next tier. During this upgrade, the weapon's material will change. Higher tier weapons, in turn, require crafting materials of a higher level.

In this respect, weapons tend to typically fit within their respective level range's material. However, due to their modifications, some of these weapons do not belong to the material grouping that you would expect considering their high power level. Of course, due to this, they are extremely rare!

Weapons with many perks

Some of the weapons among our range feature a large amount of perks, much more than your standard weapon. As weapon perks offer the opportunity to deal additional damage and contain higher critical ratings and more, these multi-perk items are a lot more powerful than standard weapons. For example, a player will undoubtedly deal a lot of damage with a 7-perk Fortnite STW weapon, or even a weapon with as many as 10 perks!

Weapons no longer fixed to their pre-assigned element

Many weapons in Fortnite Save The World have an inherent element assigned to them. For example, by definition, Snowball Launchers should be water element weapons. However, many weapons within our range have taken on different types of elemental damage, making them extremely rare and desired. For instance, neither a fire element Snowball Launcher or a Nature Jacko make logical sense, but you can purchase these modded versions here. They don't call them impossible builds for nothing!

Weapons featuring perks that are exclusive to other weapons

Additionally, some weapon perks should only be apparent on a particular weapon type. Despite this, we stock certain modded weapons that feature these weapon-specific, exclusive perks where they shouldn't exist, making them extremely rare.

Each weapon listed here is a highly specific Modded Weapon that is undiscoverable through regular gameplay. Each carries a huge amount of features and benefits, giving them a distinct advantage over the standard weapons that you can craft yourself. We have done the hard work and grinding for you! Grab one of our Impossible Build Modded Weapons and make sure that you stand out from the crowd. Remember, no one will have a weapon quite like yours.

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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