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Ingredients are common crafting materials in Fortnite Save the World, and as a result, they are a regular requirement. But sometimes, they are not so simple to find as you'd expect! We’re sure that you have experienced being short on one particular ingredient when crafting a schematic. It's definitely a common occurrence!

For your convenience, we provide the most popular ingredients in bundles, allowing you to select larger, more specific amounts. With quantities of 200, 1000, 5000 and 10000, no matter what you plan on using your ingredients for, this will be the quickest and easiest way to stack them. 

Whether you are looking for the more commonly-found basic ingredients such as planks and nuts ‘n’ bolts, or rarer, Tier 6 ingredients that are no longer discoverable in-game such as honey, you will find what you are looking for here. Happy crafting!

Ingredients can be a challenge to find in-game due to their unpredictability.

These basic (non-tiered) ingredients are available globally throughout Fortnite Save the World, and are not exclusive to a particular map location, as is the case with tiered ingredients.

As they are widely available throughout every corner of the Fortnite STW map, a player will require large quantities when using them for crafting purposes.

Each ingredient has a distinct object or group of objects from which it usually drops. Basic ingredients in Fortnite Save the World are:


Batteries are obtainable both throughout the map through harvesting and as a reward from missions. A player is likely to find them either in appliances or in populated areas such as shops and houses and other locations that contain a lot of electronics. Traps, energy weapons and energy cell ammo use batteries in their schematics.


A player is most likely to come across coal in mining areas in caves, in fireplaces in houses and other buildings, and by campfires. Boxes, trash cans and red utility carts also commonly drop coal. Coal is one of the components of Blast Powder.

Active Power Cells

Active Power Cells can be extremely difficult to find, and given the fact that there is no main source that promises to drop them, they are extremely unpredictable. Storm Chests offer them as rewards from time to time, and they can sometimes be found in gnomes and chests, but you are most likely to come across them by either purchasing them online or by trading with other players. Active Power Cells are a major component of all melee weapons.

Fibrous Herbs

A player is likely to come across Fibrous Herbs by looking in bushes, shrubs, crops, mushrooms, plants and food storage areas. Gas Traps use Fibrous Herbs in their schematics.


If you are on the hunt for Bacon, cans, refrigerators, toilet seats, and behind rock clusters are the best place to search. Bacon is a part of healing traps and Energy Cell ammo.


Honey is one of the rarest items in Fortnite STW, as it can no longer be acquired in the game. It was used during the early Alpha release of the game, during which it could be gained by completing expeditions or by harvesting it from trees. Due to its exclusiveness, it is a coveted collectors’ item. 


A player can obtain Planks by harvesting trees, tree trunks and other wooden structures with a pickaxe. It is discoverable throughout the map and makes a variety of different weapons and traps.

Nuts ‘n’ Bolts

As they craft ammo, nuts ’n’ bolts are essential ingredients that you will always need to keep to hand. A player will find them in tool boxes and crates, but also by destroying anything mechanical, such as cars, electrical appliances, parking meters, vending machines and more.

Blast Powder

Blast Powder is a refined ingredient, meaning that a player can make it by combining basic ingredients. In this case, it is extremely unlikely that you will come across it in the game without crafting it yourself, trading for it or buying it online. 4 pieces of Rough Ore and 1 Coal makes Blast Powder, which is the used to create guns, explosives, and energy cell ammo.

Flower Petals

Shrubs, bushes and leafy plants drop Flower Petals. They are the major component of healing pads.

Adhesive Resin

Adhesive Resin creates Duct Tape. A player can find it either by searching plants, bushes and shrubs or by destroying trees.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape is another refined ingredient, meaning that it is composed of several crafting materials. These are 1 Adhesive Resin and 3 Fibrous Herbs. Many weapons and traps use Duct Tape in their schematics.

Rotating Gizmos

Rotating Gizmos craft Rare and Epic weapons. All melee weapons and most rifles use them in their schematics. They are rare and difficult to find, but they sometimes drop from chests, toolboxes and garden gnomes.

Even though (some of) these ingredients are simple to farm, obtaining lots of them isn’t so simple. It can be extremely time-consuming to harvest them - not to mention mind-numbing! As in the majority of cases, to use them for crafting, a player will need them in large quantities, all things considered, purchasing these items here can be the best way to secure the item you need. Say goodbye to hours being wasted away and grab your basic ingredients here at 

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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