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Get ready to fire flaming pumpkins at your enemies by grabbing one of our modded Jack-O-Launchers!

This infamous, modified weapon will make you the envy of your friends and fellow Fortnite Save the World players. Previously obtainable through slotting 3 Legendary Costume Party 'Attendees' Survivors in the Collection Book, the regular Jack-O-Launcher is rare in itself - but wait until you get your hands on some of our modded, more exclusive versions!

Our modded, PL 130 Jack-O-Launchers will give you the boost you need to dominate any enemy.

Each weapon below has had unconventional adjustments added to its schematic, making them much more powerful than regular weapons.

Have fun pumpkin launching!

Jack-O-Launchers are explosive ranged weapons that shoot explosive pumpkins at enemies. An event-exclusive Fortnightmares Weapon, players could earn this weapon by taking part in the annual Fortnightmares events.

As well as dealing huge damage, their knockback potential can knock back numerous enemies in a moderate radius. They require no ammo to fire, but they have a low durability as a result. However, each weapon you can find here has a maxed out durability.

As its image suggests, standard Jack-O-Launchers contain a fire element. As each of our modified versions equip an additional type of elemental damage, they double the amount of damage that they inflict upon enemies, just like our range of double element modded weapons.

No matter which Jacko you select, it will be one of the most powerful weapons you can use. With a power level of 130, it will be difficult for you to lose any engagements. Their insane levels of crit damage will leave you at a distinct advantage over your enemies. Get two pieces of elemental damage for the price of one and destroy your enemies with these modded Jack-O-Launchers. 

Standard Jack-O-Launcher schematics can be discovered in-game, but the process of acquiring them is long and difficult. By purchasing this sought-after weapon here at, you will not only get one of the rarest weapons in the game at minimal cost, your weapon will also be at a distinct advantage to those that your fellow players are likely to have, because of its modded status.

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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