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Any player of Fortnite Save the World (STW download available here) will know that the game’s locations are set in a near-future Earth that has been ravaged by a huge, worldwide storm. It is your job as a survivor to defeat the husks and zombie-like monsters that are attacking you!

On this post-apocalyptic Earth, there are four different map locations available for Fortnite Save the World players to explore. As Fortnite STW is a player-versus-environment (PvE) campaign, the interaction that a player will have with their environment—in this case, each map of the following map locations—is important for many reasons. The map location in which a player completes missions will influence the crafting materials that are available to discover, the husks and monsters a player will face and how difficult they will be to defeat, the items these enemies will drop, and much more. 

The four unique locations on the Fortnite Save the world map are Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks, and each is very distinct from the next. In each location, as you progress through missions (each of which will show a number denoting the recommended power level needed to complete it), you will unlock new areas of the map. In this guide, we will be taking a look at each location in detail and what players should expect to encounter in each. By reading, you will be more prepared when completing missions in each area!


Stonewood is the first location accessible to players of Fortnite Save the World.

As this location's intention is that of a tutorial—a way of introducing new players to the game—it has no requirements for entry and its recommended power level is from 1 to 19.

As it is suitable for beginners, the missions and enemies that a player will encounter throughout this map location will be low-level. Many of the quests available in Stonewood carry the sole focus of getting players familiar with the mechanics of Fortnite STW, and they do not require any previous knowledge of combat or crafting. During these missions, players learn all of the game’s basic functions - how to build structures, place traps, defend their home base and so on.

Enemies and Husks discoverable in Stonewood

Owing to it being the first of the game’s four map locations, the husks that a player will encounter will be relatively simple to defeat. The Pitcher, Husky Husks, Beehive Husks, Lobber Husks, and Shielders are some of the most commonly-found husks in early-level missions in Stonewood.

Likely drops in Stonewood

After dying in combat, husks in Stonewood are likely to drop certain crafting materials that will allow a player to craft weapons and traps, but these will be limited to star level 1 items. Copper Ore, Rusty Mechanical Parts, Stringy Twine and Rough Mineral Powder are loot items a player can receive from drops, from breaking down structures with their pickaxe, from searching objects and as rewards from Storm Chests, mini-bosses and mission rewards.

As Copper Ore is prevalent throughout this location, players are likely to discover, use and craft copper weapons during their time spent completing missions in Stonewood.

We would advise players in Stonewood to not upgrade their weapons beyond level 10, as the materials that it will require for further upgrades will not be discoverable in this map location.

Resource and Material gathering in Stonewood

Stonewood is an excellent location for gathering resources for building, specifically Wood, as the Forest biome contains a large number of trees close to one another. In this way, they allow for quick farming, as you can run from one to the next with ease. 

Our best piece of advice to all new players navigating their way through missions in Stonewood is a simple one: stock up on resources! Both building resources and crafting materials are plentiful in Stonewood; building will help you to excel in any mission you engage in and crafting becomes a much more detailed, significant, and time consuming aspect of the game the further you progress through levels, so taking the time to gather as many resources as possible will pay dividends in the long run. Additionally, higher-level map locations will not offer as many ingredients and resources as Stonewood, so it is advisable to take advantage of the opportunity to load up!


Plankerton is the second map location in Fortnite Save the World. It becomes available after a player completes the Launch the Rocket mission. With many more quests for players to complete than Stonewood, Plankerton is appropriate for intermediate players. As such, its recommended power level is between 15 and 46.

In Plankerton, the storyline missions will increasingly grant both XP and schematics, and  item-based quest rewards will resultantly become a lot less frequent. This leaves players with two options - they spend their own time farming the materials necessary to craft items, or they can purchase all of the crafting materials, weapons or traps they need online. Remember, harvesting materials for schematics requires many hours of dedicated focus, whereas buying Fortnite STW items online will allow a player to spend more time enjoying the more enjoyable aspects of the game - completing missions and unlocking additional areas of the map. 

Likely drops in Plankerton

Silver Ore is the ore type that a player is most likely to find in Plankerton, but Copper Ore and Malachite Ore are discoverable also, albeit less frequently. As a result, the majority of weapons schematics that a player will craft in this map location will consist of these materials, and they will have a star level of 2. 

Some other examples of loot that can be commonly found are Simple Mechanical Parts, Simple Twine, and Simple Mineral Powder. As drops are location-specific, there is a wide range of resources that are unavailable in both Plankerton and Stonewood. For this reason, if you are in Plankerton, players will benefit from not upgrading their weapons beyond level 20. Further upgrades will require materials that a player simply cannot find in either location. To receive these materials, a player will either need to trade or purchase Fortnite STW items online.

Resource gathering in Plankerton

Much like Stonewood, Plankerton is a great place for gathering building resources. However, this time, large amounts of Metal are up for grabs, as opposed to Wood. A player can find plentiful resources of Metal in The City region of the map, which contains lots of tall buildings and cars. By breaking down machinery, cars, mines and more with a pickaxe, players can build up reserves of Metal that will be hugely beneficial in building stronger structures during the later stages of the game. The City is also a good spot for harvesting other common metal crafting ingredients, such as nuts ‘n’ bolts.

Canny Valley

Canny Valley offers missions that are a lot more difficult than those that players will have become accustomed to in the two previous map locations. With a recommended power level of 40 - 70, the disparity between players at the lower and higher ends of the power level spectrum is much larger than in previous locations. Because of this, a player can expect the monsters and husks they encounter during missions to be a lot more challenging to defeat! 

Canny Valley is a desert; it features towns that are reminiscent of Western movies, abandoned mineshafts, and lots of sand! It is also the first area in which natural hazards such as sandstorms randomly occur. The location becomes available to players when they have completed the Plank Off! mission in Plankerton. Additionally, as Canny Valley’s map is much larger than that of the previous two locations, a player will need to complete more quests to reveal the map in its entirety. 

As the map is larger and the disparity between the required power levels of quests is higher, many newer players experience difficulty progressing through levels. With this in mind, we would recommend engaging in as many side quests as possible. These will provide players with the boost that they will need to reach the power level required for more advanced storyline quests. Alternatively, a player may choose to purchase supercharged (PL 144) weapons or PL 130 weapons to gain a competitive edge in those first few extremely challenging missions.

Likely drops in Canny Valley

Some of the most commonly-dropped items in Canny Valley are Malachite Ore, Sturdy Mechanical Parts, Sturdy Twine and Fine-grain Mineral Powder, but there are also some higher-level items that drop in higher power level zones, such as Shadowshard Crystals

Stonewood is rich in Wood, Plankerton is full of Metal, and you guessed it - Canny Valley contains an abundance of Stone! As Canny Valley is largely desert, its biome makes the acquisition of Stone a whole lot easier. As stones are placed closer to each other in this map location, running from stone to stone to harvest their resources with a pickaxe or harvesting tool is a manageable way of stacking resources— but we must say—it’s not as easy as purchasing them here!

Upon completing the Canny Valley questline, players can unlock the Storm King mission, during which they will need to kill the Storm King, Canny Valley’s final boss. After doing so, a rocket will be launched, propelling players towards Fortnite Save the World’s final location, Twine Peaks!

Twine Peaks

The most difficult of all Fortnite Save the World locations, Twine Peaks becomes available after a player completes the Time to Blast Off mission in Canny Valley. As its recommended power level is between 70 and 160, you will need to be an experienced Fortnite STW player to stand a chance of defeating the enemies you will come into contact with, and the missions you will need to complete.

Much like the sandstorms that randomly occur when exploring the Canny Valley map location, during their exploration of the map during Twine Peaks missions, a player may encounter randomly generated lava bombs that can prove to be lethal when taking a player by surprise.

Twine Peaks is split into areas based on the power level required for each mission. Each zone features a separate loot table, meaning that a mission will offer a range of different rewards depending on their power level. For example, lower-level missions in Twine Peaks are more likely to reward Shadowshard Crystals, which are used to craft Tier 4 weapons and traps, whereas missions with a higher power level offer the chance to reward the most coveted Crystals in all of Fortnite Save the World, Sunbeam Crystals

Likely drops in Twine Peaks

Other items that are more commonly found in Twine Peaks are Sleek Mechanical Parts, which are used in the creation of star level 4 weapon schematics, and Peaky Twine and Char-Black Mineral Powder, which can both be used to fashion star level 4 weapons and traps. Similarly, some drops that are less common, but can be found in Twine Peaks nonetheless are Efficient Mechanical Parts, which are a part of star level 5 weapon schematics, and Carved Twine and Oxidized Mineral Powder, which when used with the other appropriate materials, craft star level 5 weapons and traps.

Unlike the previous map locations, quests in Twine Peaks do not follow a continuous storyline. Instead, each mission of the quests available is a standalone, individual challenge. When a player has completed Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 5, achieved a Power Level of 122 and has killed 2 Minibosses in a 140+ zone, they will get a chance to face the Mythic Storm King. As this is largely regarded as the most challenging feat in the whole of Fortnite Save the World, our team of experienced players can provide a full Mythic Storm King quest carry to ensure that you defeat this final boss and that you received that highly-coveted mythic weapon schematic.

As you will see, each map location on the Fortnite Save the World map is entirely different from each other. In each location, you will find unique drops, encounter unique monsters, and enjoy an entirely unique playing experience. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with enough information for you to feel more prepared when entering either Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley or Twine Peaks. Now get out there and complete some quests!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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