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Melee Weapons

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Melee Weapons allow you to beat down your enemies in Fortnite Save the World from close range. In hand-to-hand combat, there is no better way to defeat husks than with a melee weapon.

Like each of the other weapon categories, Melee Weapons vary widely, as you can get blunt weapons such as hammers, and sharp weapons, such as swords, and everything in between! Regardless of their type, Melee Weapons can deal massive amounts of damage when you are face-to-face with enemies. 

Every sword, axe, hammer, and other type of Melee Weapon that you find here is PL 130. These top-level weapons carry the additional benefit of inflicting elemental damage on enemies. This can be Fire, Water, Nature, Energy or Physical damage, depending on the weapon in question. With each Melee Weapon, you can expect a god-roll and max perks too.

Unsurprisingly, Melee Weapons do not consume any ammunition, so there is no need to purchase bullets or cells for these. However, the use of these weapons will consume energy.

As you would expect, these weapons are limited by their very short range, but the damage that they can deal when up close can be devastating.

Each of our Melee Weapons also features a high knockback potential, meaning that you can knock stronger enemies to the floor with ease. 

The Ninja class is most suited to using Melee Weapons, as they have various passive abilities that boost the amount of damage dealt by melee weapons. Additionally, due to their increased mobility, they can move in and out of range of enemies easier than any other class can.

Purchase our PL 130 Melee Weapons at and reap the rewards of having the best weapons in the game without needing to do the grinding yourself. Become the envy of all of your friends and fellow Fortnite STW players by showing up to your next mission with a Power Level 130 Melee Weapon!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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