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Ore And Crystals

Ore and Crystals are some of the most popular crafting materials players use in Fortnite Save the World.

Found in-game through drops and as mission rewards, ores and crystals are a critical component of most weapon schematics. 

Whether you’re looking for the popular Sunbeam Crystals, Brightcore Ore, Spectrolite Ore or any others, you'll find them here.

Our popular Ore and Crystals are also available in bundles of different quantities. No matter if you are looking to buy in bulk or if you are only after a small amount for a particular schematic, we have the materials to meet the crafting needs of every Fortnite Save the World player. Grab yours now!

Ore and Crystals

As they are a part of most weapon schematics in Fortnite Save the World, we consider Ore and Crystals to be at the heart of most crafting that a player will do in the game. Even though a player can discover these items in numerous places throughout the map (mostly by mining), they will always be in high demand. They are an essential part of crafting weapons and traps, and so will always be a requirement, especially as a player reaches higher power levels. With this in mind, we advise purchasing these items in bulk, here at


A player can discover most types of ore by searching in caves, mountains and containers, and it is obtainable by striking rocks - or veins - with a pickaxe. There are five different types of ore in Fortnite STW. These are:

Copper Ore

Copper Ore is the lowest level of crafting ingredient that a player can find in the game, and will be the first type that they encounter as a new player. It is used to craft Tier 1 weapons. A player will find Copper most frequently in Stonewood, but sometimes in Plankerton also. 

Silver Ore

A player will use Silver Ore to make all Tier 2 weapons. They will find it mostly in Stonewood and Plankerton, but sometimes in Canny Valley also.

Malachite Ore

A player will find Malachite Ore (for Tier 3 weapons) mostly in Stonewood and Plankerton, but sometimes in Canny Valley also.

Obsidian Ore

A player will use Obsidian Ore to make all Tier 4 weapons and can find it in Twine Peaks.

Brightcore Ore

As it is the most valuable discoverable ore in Fortnite Save the World, a player will use Brightcore Ore to craft Tier 5 weapons. It is obtainable in locations throughout Twine Peaks.

Spectrolite Ore

Spectrolite ore is undiscoverable through regular gameplay - it is only obtainable through online purchases, or by trading with other players. A player will use Spectrolite Ore to craft Tier 6 weapons.


Similarly, Crystals are a part of weapon schematics, but a player will only use them when crafting weapons of Tier 4 and higher.  When upgrading the schematic of a weapon to Tier 4, players have two options - to upgrade to an Ore or a Crystal version of the weapon tier in question. Weapons crafted with crystals carry an additional 20% base damage, but have a reduced fire rate of 10% and are less durable than weapons of the same Tier that have been crafted with Ore.

As is the case with many other farmable materials, a player will discover Crystals in caves. The location a Crystal appears in will depend on the area's level ie. only certain crystals will appear in certain areas throughout the map. To retrieve the crystals, a player will need to destroy the rock with their harvesting tool. Additionally, Crystals of all types may appear in chests, and they are sometimes obtainable as rewards from missions.

Five different types of Crystals form a part of schematics in Fortnite STW and are available for purchase here. These are:

Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals are a requirement of particular traps such as freeze traps, and are used in many other weapons also. They appear in numerous locations throughout the game.

Moonglow Crystals

Moonglow Crystals are a major component of Tier 6 weapon schematics. They are currently unobtainable through regular gameplay and are only available for purchase online.

Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow Crystals are also used to craft Tier 6 weapons and are equally unobtainable in-game. 

Shadowshard Crystals

A player will craft with Shadowshard Crystals when making Tier 4 weapons. Twine Peaks is where a player will mostly find Shadowshards. They can appear in Canny Valley, but a lot less frequently.

Sunbeam Crystals

A player will craft Tier 5 weapons using Sunbeam Crystals, but can only discover them in Twine Peaks.

Ore and Crystals are equally huge parts of Fortnite STW, as they are so commonly used in schematics. Seeing as players are constantly upgrading their weapons to level up, they will always be sought-after and in high demand! Instead of spending your precious playing hours farming these materials to craft and upgrade your weapons, consider purchasing these items here. We’re sure you’ll appreciate it in the long run!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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