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10 x 144 Weapons Bundle #1

(5 customer reviews)


Receive 10 PL 144 weapons as part of this bundle!

At, we stock a huge amount of power level 144 items. As these weapons are over power level 130, they are considered supercharged, and are the most powerful weapons in the game!

Each of these weapons are entirely individual to one another, but because they all have such impressive specs, it can be tough to make a selection! For your convenience—and because one is never enough!—we have bundled together 10 of the most popular weapons from our 144 weapons selection.

Every weapon in the bundle has max perks, meaning that they are god rolled, and they are also at full durability - no need to worry about taking your weapon to the repair bench any time soon.

Not only that, but each weapon is equipped with elemental damage - this can be Physical, Fire, Water, Nature, and Energy, depending on the weapon.

So what 144 weapons will you receive in your bundle?

144 Nature Grave Digger

The Grave Digger is a fully automatic assault rifle that uses medium bullets as its ammo type. It deals high levels of damage and impact, but with lower accuracy and fire rate. This supercharged Grave Digger has a Nature element equipped, which is most effective against Water enemies and Metal structures.

144 Energy De-Atomizer 9000

The De-Atomizer 9000 is a Legendary explosive weapon that uses energy cells as its form of ammo. It is a retro, sci-fi-looking gun that projects balls of energy that explode on contact. This supercharged De-Atomizer 9000 has an Energy element equipped, meaning that it deals regular damage (75%) to all elemental enemies.

144 Energy Ghost Pistol

The Ghost Pistol is a Legendary pistol that fires ghostly projectiles which pass through enemies and walls. It is powerful but slow shooting, and uses heavy bullets as its ammunition type. This supercharged Ghost Pistol features an Energy element.

144 Energy Bundlebuss

This supercharged Bundlebuss is a Legendary assault rifle that deals high damage and features a large magazine. Being multi-barrelled, the gun fires in powerful bursts. The Bundlebuss uses light bullets as its ammunition type and deals Energy elemental damage.

144 Energy Hydra

The Hydra is a Legendary assault rifle that fires clusters of pellets. It is a hybrid, hydraulic weapon with considerable range and focussed damage. It uses shells ’n’ slugs as its form of ammo, of which it fires three at a time. This supercharged Hydra also has an Energy element attached.

144 Energy Typewriter

This supercharged Typewriter is a Legendary submachine gun with a high capacity magazine and a lateral kick. It is perfect for engaging enemies whilst on the move. It uses medium bullets as its form of ammo and it has an Energy element attached.

144 Energy Spectral Blade

The Spectral Blade is a Legendary melee weapon that has the ability of snaring targets. It is a sword with a substantial attack speed that is capable of dealing large amounts of damage with moderate impact. This supercharged Spectral Blade is able to deal Energy damage with its Energy element.

144 Physical Candy Corn LMG

The Candy Corn Light Machine Gun (LMG) is a Legendary assault rifle with a huge magazine size. It is most effective at engage with enemies from mid-range and when looking down the gun’s sights when stood in one position. It uses medium bullets as its form of ammo. This supercharged Candy Corn LMG features a physical element, meaning that it deals 50% damage against Fire enemies, 50% damage against Water enemies, 50% damage against Nature enemies, and 130% damage against Physical enemies. It deals 100% damage against structures made of Wood, Stone and Metal.

144 Fire Jack-O-Launcher

The Jack-o-Launcher is a Legendary explosive weapon/rocket launcher. It projects explosive pumpkins that are capable of knocking back enemies in a moderate radius. It does not use ammo. This supercharged version has a Fire element attached, meaning that it deals 100% damage to Nature enemies, 67% damage to Fire enemies, and 25% damage to Water enemies. Additionally, it deals 100% damage to Stone and Metal builds, but it deals 200% damage to Wood structures.

144 Energy Xenon Bow 

Despite technically appearing as a longbow, the Xenon Bow is is a Legendary Sniper Rifle. It uses Energy Cells as its ammunition type, which turn into arrows that drop upon enemies over time. These arrows are capable of piercing targets. This supercharged Xenon Bow has an energy element attached.

Power level 144 is the maximum power level in Fortnite Save the World, which means that it will be impossible for you to find a more powerful gun in the game! There’s a reason these guns are so sought after. As a result, we only have a limited of number of these Fortnite items available. Grab yours while stocks last!


After purchasing your 144 Weapons Bundle, remember to open up a live chat to arrange delivery of your items. You can do this by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner, no matter which page you are on.

5 reviews for 10 x 144 Weapons Bundle #1

  1. Anonymous

    Good sit and its not scam so have fun with cheap stw tiems

  2. Anonymous


  3. Victor Filho Protasio B. (verified owner)

    Legit, I recommend. Fast, easy, and reliable.

  4. Anonymous


  5. ahmed alali H. (verified owner)

    they gave me 13 144's instead of 10, this is the best website ever

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