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130 Snowball Launcher - Water (God Roll)


The Snowball Launcher is a Legendary explosive weapon in Fortnite Save the World. It is a Grenade Launcher that hurls grenades that damage and knocks back either singular or groups of enemies that are relatively closely.

At power level 130, this Snowball Launcher contains a lot of power, and is very likely to dominate enemies. The only other weapons that are stronger in Fortnite STW are supercharged, or power level 144 weapons.

This weapon is has max perks, meaning that every perk it carries has been taken to the maximum. This makes the gun a god roll.

The elemental damage this Legendary PL 130 Snowball Launcher contains is a water element. Water damage, as you would expect, is most effective against fire enemies and deals full damage (100%), but it also does double damage (200%) to structures made of stone. It deals regular damage (67%) to water enemies and reduced damage (25%) to nature enemies.

Your Snowball Launcher will be at full durability at the point of purchasing - no need to repair!

This launcher uses rockets (or explosive ammo) as its main form of ammunition.

Once upon a time, the Snowball Launcher was obtainable in-game by receiving it as a reward for  completing the main event questline during the Fortnite Guide to Holiday Survival and 14 Days of Fortnite event. But not any more! It is currently unobtainable in-game, make it very exclusive and rare.

If you are looking for a weapon that is similar to the Snowball Launcher, the Thumper is a good one to choose!


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Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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