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144 Bundlebuss


The Bundlebuss is a Legendary Assault Rifle in Fortnite Save the World. As its wooden and iron exterior display, it belongs to the Flintlock Weapons Weapon Type. 

This PL 144 Bundlebuss features many barrels and fires bullets in intense bursts. As it is capable of dealing devastating amounts of damage, it has a high kickback and a slower rate of fire than some other Assault Rifles. However, its large magazine and strong impact more than make up for this! 

This power level 144 Bundlebuss is one of our supercharged weapons, meaning that it has had superchargers applied to it (earned from Ventures seasons) for it to reach its high power level. Not only does it have the highest power level possible in the game, it is widely regarded as one of STW’s best Assault Rifles. Believe us when we say this with this weapon, you are extremely likely to win against your enemies! 

It also has an Energy element attached, which allows it to deal elemental damage upon enemies. This Energy element will deal regular damage (75%) to all elemental enemies except Physical enemies, who will suffer full damage (100%). Wood, Stone and Metal structures will also be damaged to their fullest (100%) with this weapon.

Your supercharged Bundlebuss will have max perks, making the weapon a god roll. Also, you will not have to worry about taking your weapon to the repair bench before you eliminate countless enemies with it, as we will provide it at full durability

Like most other Assault Rifles, your 144 Bundlebuss will use light bullets as its form of ammunition, which allows the gun to fire bursts of ammo at once. 

The Bundlebuss was once available to purchase from the Event Store during the Road Trip event. However, since then, it has become extremely rare - especially this power level 144 version, which can now be yours!

Weapon Specs:

PL 144
Energy Element
Ranged Weapon
LV 60/60
+30 Critical Rating
+75% Reload Speed
Element: Energy and +20% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
+135% Crit Damage
Landing 5 hits in a row on a single target causes a small explosion damaging enemies within 0.5 tiles of the target for 30% damage.


After purchasing your 144 Bundlebuss, remember to open a live chat with us so we can arrange the delivery of your item. To do this, all you need to do is type your order number into the chat box at the bottom right hand corner of any page on this site.



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Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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