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200 x Sound Wall (144 God Rolled)


Receive 200x Sound Wall to bring a more strategic approach to your quests and Storm Shield defenses. 

Sound Wall Traps are Wall Traps in Fortnite Save the World. However, unlike the large majority of Wall Traps, these do not fire projectiles at enemies to deal damage. Instead, the beats that they project cause husks to dance! Whilst this may sound like a lot of fun, we can assure you - it won’t be fun for your enemies! Once an enemy has felt the force of your weapon’s impact, being affected by the Sound Wall’s beats can cause them to be stunned. It is worth noting that dancing will not affect husks’ movement - they will still be able to advance towards you. The dancing effect will last for a few seconds.

Also, these Sound Wall Traps will not have an effect on bosses, such as Mist Monsters, only lower level husks. However, propane husks will drop their propane tank on the ground once they have been affected by a Sound Wall, so these Traps are extremely effective at clearing away numerous propane husks. Generally speaking, Sound Wall Fortnite traps are great for crowd control, as they can help you to keep multiple enemies at bay at once. 

At power level 144, these Sound Wall Traps are supercharged, or in other words, some of the most powerful traps in the game! Not only that, but every single one of these 200 Sound Walls have max perks, meaning that they will each be a god roll.

Sound Wall Traps can be crafted in-game by combining Rough Ore, Mechanical Parts and Quartz Crystals. However, Quartz Crystals can be quite challenging to harvest in large quantities, so to produce a large amount of Sound Walls, the most logical option is to purchase them online. Unless your power level is as high as can be, they will not be as high level as the ones you can purchase right here, at We have done the grinding so you don’t have to!


After purchasing your Sound Wall Fortnite Traps, don't forget to open up a live chat, so we can arrange the delivery of your Fortnite items. You can do this by selecting the chat box icon in the bottom right corner of every page on this site.

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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