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Ammo Bundle


Receive every type of ammo used in Fortnite Save the World by purchasing this cost-effective Ammo Bundle!

As you would expect, in Fortnite STW, different types of weapons require different types of ammo. The chances are, you have a variety of different weapons that you use on a regular basis. Of course, with the exception of melee weapons, each ranged weapon that you use is going to need ammo! Purchasing an ammo bundle is the easiest and most low-cost way of loading yourself up for your next quest.

As part of this bundle, you will receive a full stack of ammunition for each ammo type in the game. A full stack is the maximum amount of the particular ammunition type that you can hold at any given time. Specifically, we will give you:

150x Explosive Ammo

Receive 150x Explosive Ammo as part of this bundle. Explosive Ammo (also known as Rockets) are used in Explosive Weapons such as Bazookas and Santa’s Little Helpers.

6,000x Light Bullets

Receive 6,000x Light Bullets in this ammo bundle. Light Bullets are used in guns that fire low calibre bullets with a high rate of fire such as the Siegebreaker and the Nocturno.

1,000x Heavy Bullets

Receive 1,000x Heavy Bullets when you purchase this ammo bundle. Heavy Bullets find their use in guns that fire slowly, but deal large amounts of damage. This includes Sniper Rifles such as the Sunsetter and the Cleaner.

4,000x Medium Bullets

Receive 1,000x Medium Bullets when purchasing this bundle. Medium Bullets are used by mid-range weapons, most usually those that feature balanced firepower and fire rate. The large majority of Assault Rifles use Medium Ammo, such as the Grave Digger and the Lynx.

1,200x Shells ‘n’ Slugs

Receive 1,200x Shells ‘n’ Slugs with this bundle. Shells ‘n’ Slugs are usually found in Shotguns, including the Browbeater and the Maverick.

3,000x Energy Cells

Receive 3,000x Energy Cells - best for use in power-based weapons such as the Zap Zapp and the Deathray.

Of course, ammunition can be crafted by a player, provided that they have the resources needed. A player can also discover ammo in-game in many different locations, such as in ammunition boxes, trash cans, plants, and many other spots. Additionally, a player can discover ammo by breaking down Metal structures with their pickaxe. However, crafting enough ammo to see you through all of your quests can be a time-consuming task, and many players choose to purchase their ammunition online, as it is simply a much quicker, easier way of collecting large quantities of this precious commodity. Let’s face it, when playing Fortnite STW, you are never going to not need ammo!

We’ve done the grinding so you don’t have to, purchase an Ammo Bundle today and ensure you never run out of bullets on the battlefield!


When you have purchased your Ammo Bundle, remember to open up a live chat with us. This way, we can arrange the delivery of your ammunition as soon as possible. To open up a chat, simply click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of any page.

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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