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Mega Bundle

(38 customer reviews)


Save time and money by purchasing a Mega Bundle, one of the best value deals on! For a limited time only, the Mega Bundle will offer you large quantities of 5 of Fortnite Save the World's most sought-after items.

As a part of the Mega Bundle, you will receive:

2,000x Brightcore Ore

Brightcore Ore is a crafting material that players use to make all Tier 5 weapons. An incredibly sought-after crafting material, Brightcore Ore is always in high demand.

2,000x Sunbeam Crystal 

Sunbeam Crystal is a crafting material that players use to make all Star Level 5 weapons. Similarly, Sunbeam Crystals see frequent use in Fortnite STW, but they are challenging and time consuming to discover in-game.

2,000x Mixed 144 God Rolled Traps

Traps are items that players place throughout the Fortnite STW map to fight husks and monsters. They damage, stun, displace and heal, to provide defence to the player, certain areas and objectives. A player does not need to operate traps, they will trigger automatically once they have been laid. The random assortment of traps you will receive are god rolled and power level 144 - the highest possible power level in the game.

10x Mixed Modded Weapons

Modded weapons are weapons that have been given unconventional adjustments to boost their effectiveness. You will receive a random selection of 10 modded weapons. They will not all have a power level of 130 and we cannot guarantee that these weapons will be full durability.

10x Mixed 130 God Rolled Weapons

Your power level 130 Weapons will be extremely powerful, and will each be god rolled. As this is a mixed selection, you will be unable to choose which modded weapon you will receive.


After purchasing, don't forget to open up a live chat to collect your order. Simply type your order number into the chatbox at the bottom right corner of your screen, and a member of our team will give you instructions on arranging your order's collection.


38 reviews for Mega Bundle

  1. Timothy C. (verified owner)

    There's No other site that can compete with this .... PRICES are the best and delivery of items simple no worries of scammers . 5⭐🔥

  2. Anonymous

    so sick website

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    This is the best site for guns on save the world

  5. Anonymous

    This pack is very good

  6. Kevin butcher G.

    They are the best I buy once a week and I never have a problem there fast and they hook it up and best prices stw u guys rock

  7. Anonymous

    This is the best site for guns on save the world

  8. Dakota O'neill C.

    This looks like a very good price for such loot

  9. .

    Get this bundle!!!

  10. Karel Dekker k. (verified owner)


  11. Anonymous

    very good

  12. Joann Ortega S.

    Awesome website, definitely buying again!

  13. Logan D. (verified owner)

    I have purchased multiple times of Thus website no problems fast service and the prices are in unbelievable very good

  14. Anonymous

    This price is a good deal

  15. Anonymous

    This price is a good deal
    For this much

  16. Anonymous

    This sounds like a good deal for this much

  17. Anonymous

    This is a good deal

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It was amazing I got everything in 10mins

  19. Anonymous

    I’m getting sick because of this bundle is so sick get it

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you very much

  21. Anonymous

    This website is amazing

  22. Anonymous

    I like this website

  23. karin booher Z. (verified owner)

    Fast and Real, Would 100% recommend it.

  24. Cynthia Dameron d. (verified owner)

    So at first I thought this was a scam so I bought 1 gun and it was very fast and the guy gave me another gun with it and then I bought this bundle and they gave me way more guns then they should have ✅🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Anonymous

    I didn’t get the bundle yet but my friend did and he said it was really fast and good

  26. Anonymous

    Best thing ever

  27. robert bingham P.

    this is a very good site a first I thought is was a scam but they give guy all right away will buy again

  28. Evan Kohl A. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. I got so much loot that it probably will help me for years. Best bundle ever.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Got everything i ordered and more amazing website

  30. (verified owner)

    i didnt beilve that it was legit because the prize was to cheap but it turned out its fully legit deffently reccomend

  31. George J. (verified owner)

    Always give extra amazing

  32. Anonymous

    It’s very good i got the mega bundle and mini bundle no scam

  33. Anonymous

    It’s so good they give more then they say they will

  34. Bradley n.


  35. ELG e.

    WOW the new bundles are amazing love it i get all the time this company is #1 customer service,products,client treatment i recommend it to anyone its real and legit i buy all the time try it out 5 stars ratings all around .

  36. Jace Acuna k. (verified owner)

    Great Service and great deals!

  37. Akbar Ramish A. (verified owner)

    Gave me more guns than said 😀 super over powered (: !!!!!

  38. Anonymous

    Super quick and easy got all my things in no time

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