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Plankerton Mission Carry

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By purchasing a Plankerton Mission Carry, our team of pro Fortnite Save the World players will carry you through one mission of your choice in Plankerton.

Do you find yourself stuck on a quest in Plankerton? Is your power level just not high enough to defeat the enemies or complete the tasks necessary to complete the quest? We can help! 

At, we know Fortnite Save the World inside out. We are players of the game ourselves, and we have created a team of players who have reached the game’s maximum power level. When you purchase a Plankerton Mission Carry, we will have one of our dedicated experts guide and carry you through any mission you are having trouble completing in Plankerton. We guarantee a victory every time, and by following along with our pro players, you will be able to reap all of the rewards with no effort involved. You will be able to farm materials along the way whilst you follow along with our experts.

Our players will not require help from you - you will simply need to ensure that you do not leave your keyboard or controller and go AFK. Why? If you do, the game will realise that you are not playing, and you will be automatically kicked from the quest.

So what missions can we help you with?

We can carry you through every quest in Plankerton, except the Storm Shield Defenses. You can purchase Storm Shield Defence Help for Plankerton and all other locations by clicking this link.

The Plankerton missions we can help with includes: Two Swirls, No. Robot. Doctors., Cork That Space Hole, ... While Screaming, Ray.README, A Fresh Start, Deeply Disturbing Simulations, Six Minutes, Lightning Rich Environment, See Yourself Out, Clear!, Plankhattan Project, Chopped and Screwed, Radio Free Plankerton, Air Quotes, Rifty Business, Plankies Go Home, Wind of Change, Pump Up the Volume, No Lost Causes, Resist, Shelter Skelter, From Husk Till Gone, Durr, Deep Blu Somethings, What's in the Box?, Plankerton Trail, Sound Off!, Slay Misties for Me, Smooth Operator, Agape, Smokey Eye, The Battle of Plank Harbor, Safe Harbor, Foo Floater, Rogue Balloon, Jinx, I'm Probably Dead, Fight On, Remains to be Seen?, Prophe-see, Liner Notes, Encore, Steel Icarus and Onward to Canny Valley.

Our players can even take you through all quests in succession, helping you to get further on your way to Canny Valley!

Why do the grinding, when we can do it for you? If you are looking to gain the mission rewards offered by each quest and want to boost your power level, allowing us to carry you through these Plankerton quests is an obvious choice!


To arrange your Plankerton mission carry, after you have made your purchase, open up a chat with us by clicking the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of any screen. Once you have done this, we will arrange to meet you in the game to boost you through the mission of your choice.

Purchase this product now and earn 15 Points!

2 reviews for Plankerton Mission Carry

  1. Anonymous

    best ever!!!!!!!!

  2. .

    lesss go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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