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Sniper Rifles

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Take out your enemies from afar in Fortnite Save the World with our extensive range of power level 130 Sniper Rifles.

Like every other weapon category, the type of Sniper Rifle you choose will ultimately depend on your playing style. Are you after a medium-power, automatic Sniper Rifle with a large magazine? Or are you looking to take our enemies in one shot with a bolt-action rifle? The choice is entirely yours. However, Sniper Rifles are most effective for players of the Soldier class. 

Each of these medium-range to long-range weapons has an extremely high power level of 130. Additionally, they are all god-rolls, contain max perks and inflict elemental damage on all enemies.

Regardless of how powerful your Sniper Rifle is, you're going to need bullets! Once you have purchased your rifle, visit our ammo page to equip yourself afterwards.

As you will see through browsing our range, each Sniper Rifle you can find here is very distinct from the next. Some will feature relatively high magazine sizes, some will require a reload after every shot. Certain Sniper Rifles will come with scopes, others will rely on you looking down the weapon's iron sights. Each option will deal devastating damage upon enemies, but come at the compromise of having a lower rate of fire.

In any case, each Sniper Rifle you will find here is extremely powerful, as proven by its 130 power level. No matter how many you select (you can certainly feel free to try them all out!) remember that with the right amount of care and precise aim, your Sniper Rifle has the ability to one-hit kill an enemy.

The majority of Sniper Rifles that you can purchase here use heavy bullets as their form of ammo. However, some options use Energy Cells or Medium Bullets instead.

Happy sniping!

By purchasing PL 130 Sniper Rifles here at, you can rest easy knowing that the tiresome grinding has been done for you. Spend more of your time enjoying the aspects of Fornite STW that you enjoy. In short, grinding time is over, it’s time to eliminate some husks!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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