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Elevate your Fortnite STW strategy with our range of Traps. With all the very best Traps the game has to offer, our selection hugely benefit your Fortnite STW experience, no matter your style of play.

Each Trap you will find here have the best perk setup possible - max perks! As they have been upgraded as much as possible, every option is a god roll. They are all supercharged, with a power level of 144, making them the most powerful Traps you can find in the game! With these PL 144 Traps, you are sure to dominate your enemies. 

Within our range, we supply Ceiling Traps, Floor Traps and Wall Traps, meaning you will have a trap to meet every need.

As traps are so important to your success in Fortnite Save the World, we offer individual selections as well as bundles that contain a random selection of 144 traps. 

Grab your Fortnite Traps now!

In Fortnite Save the World, Traps can be varied and they have many uses. Mainly, they are used to eliminate enemies in an effort to defend structures and objectives, but some Traps are used for healing purposes.

Traps like Retractable Floor Spikes, Broadsides and Spike Floor Traps are most commonly used to slow down enemies and inflict large amounts of damage. Other Traps, such a Cozy Campfires and Healing Pads do not deal damage against enemies, but are used to help a player or squad regain health.

As Fortnite Traps are one of the game’s core mechanics, you can expect to use them extensively. 

As there are three different areas that a player can place Traps, there are three different types.

Floor Traps

Floor Traps inflict damage upon enemies from below. A player is likely to use Floor Traps early on when defending their forts.

Wall Traps

Wall Traps are the most effective option for eliminating enemies from long range, as they work well at a distance. A player will use Wall Traps to maintain the distance between enemies and their fort.

Ceiling Traps

Ceiling Traps deal the most damage upon enemies out of all three. A player is likely to use a Ceiling Trap either as a first or last line of defence when defending their fort, both due to their effectiveness, and the fact that they need to be built on overhead platforms, which can block a player’s line of sight when manually engaging with enemies from mid-range.

Traps are categorised further depending on their function.

Defensive Traps

Defensive Traps inflict damage upon any husk or enemies that walks within range. They deal effective damage per second (DPS).

A player can increase the amount of damage dealt by their Traps by levelling up their Skill Tree and Survivor Squads.

Utility Traps

Utility Traps provide benefit to the player, mainly in the form of increased health. However, certain Utility Traps can also prevent husks from spawning.

Traps are discoverable in numerous locations throughout the Fortnite Save the World map. They can be received as rewards from missions, from loot llamas, or of course, they can be crafted. Nevertheless, the simplest way of obtaining the traps you need to complete missions and level up is purchasing them online. Save time and spend more time enjoying your favourite aspects of Fortnite STW - purchase your Fortnite Traps here!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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