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Twine and Mechanical Parts

Twine and Mechanical Parts are two very important elements of weapons and trap schematics in Fortnite Save the World. Many of the components you will find here are undiscoverable through regular gameplay, making them extremely rare. By using them in your schematics, the weapons you craft will be extra special

As well as the rarer, less frequently-dropping, undiscoverable items, we provide all of the pieces of Twine and Mechanical Parts common in-game. This includes those present throughout Stonewood, Plankerton Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.

For your convenience, we also supply large amounts of particular items. Select up to 10,000 units to keep you from stocking up for a long time!

Spend less time looting toolboxes, destroying mechanical objects and breaking down trees, and focus on the fun stuff! By purchasing these elements here, you will be able to take the guesswork out of your game, and spend more time on the elements of Fortnite STW that you enjoy the most. As both Twine and Mechanical Parts are integral to levelling up both your weapons and your Power Level, they will always be in extremely high demand. Therefore, grab them now whilst they are at these affordable prices! You know it makes sense!

Twine and Mechanical Parts are both extremely important crafting materials, as many items include them in their schematics.

Different types of Twine

In Fortnite STW, numerous different types of Twine exist, and you can find them all here! As they have a large number of uses, we would advise purchasing them here in bulk, but with the exception of a few, they can also be attained in-game by breaking down trees using a harvesting tool or pickaxe. 

Traps, melee weapons and certain pistols all use Twine as a part of their schematics.

Stringy Twine

Stringy Twine is a Tier 1 crafting material players will find in Stonewood. 

Simple Twine

Simple Twine is a Tier 2 crafting material that players will find in Plankerton. 

Sturdy Twine

Sturdy Twine is a Tier 3 crafting material that players will find in Canny Valley. 

Peaky Twine

Peaky Twine is a Tier 4 crafting material that players will find in Twine Peaks.

Carved Twine

Carved Twine is a material that crafts Tier 5 weapons and traps. Players will find Carved Twine in higher-level Twine Peaks locations.

Spectral Twine

Spectral Twine is a crafting material that creates Tier 6 weapons. Although, it is unattainable through regular gameplay and is only available to buy online. 

Different types of Mechanical Parts

A player can gain Mechanical Parts not from natural structures, but instead from toolboxes, crates and boxes, and mechanical objects. However, a player will similarly harvest these items from mechanical objects by striking them with their pickaxe. Some objects that can be broken down to obtain mechanical parts of various types include: cars, buses, trucks, the back of trucks, stacked ruined cars, blue electrical boxes, green electrical boxes, orange electrical boxes, refrigerators, and smushed car parts. Many different items include Mechanical Parts in their schematics, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, explosive weapons and traps of different types.

Rusty Mechanical Parts

A player can mostly find Rusty Mechanical Parts in Stonewood, but sometimes in Plankerton also. By using them in schematics, a player can craft Tier 1 Weapons.

Simple Mechanical Parts

A player can mostly find Simple Mechanical Parts in Plankerton, but less frequently in Canny Valley also. A player can craft Tier 2 Weapons with them.

Sturdy Mechanical Parts

A player can discover Sturdy Mechanical Parts in Canny Valley most often, but less so in Twine Peaks. They are used to craft Tier 3 Weapons.

Sleek Mechanical Parts

A player can discover Sleek Mechanical Parts in Canny Valley in areas with a power level of over 58, and also in Twine Peaks. They are used to craft Tier 4 Weapons.

Efficient Mechanical Parts

A player can discover Efficient Mechanical Parts in more advanced areas of Twine Peaks. A player will use these to craft Tier 5 Weapons.

Vindertech Mechanical Parts

Vindertech Mechanical Parts are a Tier 6 crafting material that creates weapons and traps. However, it cannot be obtained by a player through regular gameplay.

Whilst the majority of Twine and Mechanical Parts are discoverable in-game through farming, this process can become exhausting for a player, especially when they reach the higher levels of the game, as the need to collect more and more of each becomes even more prevalent. However, if you choose to purchase your Twine and Mechanical Parts here on, you will spare yourself the many hours needed to collect adequate levels of each, allowing you more time to enjoy completing missions and playing with your friends. Considering the affordability of each item available, we think it seems like an easy choice!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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