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Playing Save the World without weapons is like swimming with no water… It’s not possible! By progressing through the campaign and completing different challenges you can obtain different weapon schematics. But are they all good? In this guide we will explain to you everything about the different classes of weapons as well as mention those powerful one’s worth keeping and looking for!


These are very effective at close range. SMG’s offer a high rate of fire that is good for dealing great amounts of damage to nearby targets. Due to their high rate of fire they tend to burn through ammo a lot quicker than other classes of weapons. Below are some of the best SMG’s you can grab!



Assault rifles are the most used weapons in Save the World due to their adaptability. They offer great effectiveness both at mid-range and close-range. Having a couple of assault rifles in your back pack is very essential. But which ones should you keep? These ones are definitely a must!



The best class for long range combat. Sniper rifles have a rather slow rate of fire but don’t let that fool you! They can deal massive amounts of damage when used correctly! You want to aim to the head to get that extra damage multiplier bonus! If you are unsure of which ones you should carry in your back pack refer to the image below.



This is probably the most under used class in the game. Are they really that bad? No! Using the perfect Hero Loadout for a pistol can bring down a Smasher in no time! They can deal huge amounts of damage as well as take multiple enemies at the same time.



The best close-range combat class. Shotguns are ideal at handling multiple enemies at once, offering a medium to slow rate of fire. A great tactic is to use assault rifles when enemies are in mid-range and quickly switching to a shotgun when enemies get closer to give them the final blow!



Getting overwhelmed by large groups of husks? No problem! Launchers and Explosives got you covered! The best class to use when you need to get rid of groupies. Every power has its cost, and in this case, they have a low durability statistic. Some of the best Launcher/Explosives that you can grab are down below.



A wide variety of Hero Builds were built around Melee type weapons. The reason is probably that they can be used in a variety of helpful ways. Some are used to increase the speed of your hero, gaining shield from enemies and even wiping out large groups of husks. Chose your Melee weapon and build a great Hero Loadout around it!


Now that you know of the different classes of weapons in Save the World, it’s time to talk about MODDED and LEGACY variants of them. These were introduced due to the “Perk Recombobulator” in the Patch 4.2 of the game. This feature allowed for users to adjust the perks of weapons, making them customizable and adaptable to their needs.



These are weapons crafted with schematics that were not affected by the Perk Recombobulator update. This means that they often have a higher critical damage rate that normal weapons. What makes it so special is that you cannot upgrade nor modify the perks on them, not to mention they look amazing in-game.



Modded weapons were a production of a bad-adjustment in the game. The result of this are weapons with unusual perks such as double elements, no elements, and more perk slots than normal. The more unusual the perks are the more value these guns have!

With these two versions of the game came the creation of 1/1 weapons. Yes, a 1 out of 1 weapon means that there is only 1 copy of that gun in the entire game! This makes collectors pay insane amounts to get their hands on these unique weapons. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have one right?



The final type of weapons are MYTHIC weapons. With the introduction of the New Storm King in Twine Peaks, these weapons were introduced. What makes them so special is the fact that they cannot be dropped in-game and can only be obtained by defeating the Mythic Storm King! Each one of them have unique perks that make them so much powerful than regular guns. So, what are you waiting for to grab one of them? Defeat the Mythic Storm King now!

Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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