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Mythic Storm King & Pre Quest Carry


The Mythic Storm King is the final boss of the Save the World Campaign. It’s quite a tough battle to complete on your own or solo mode. In order to get the Mythic Schematic, you need to have completed Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense Level 5. Once you have completed that requirement you will unlock a brand new STORM KING QUESTLINE in your quest log. Your first pre-quest will be to defeat 2 mini bosses in a pl140 zone.
After you complete such a pre-quest then you are ready to go into the PORTAL and defeat the Mythic Storm King for you to get the Mythic Schematic. Kindly note that you need to complete a pre-quest each time you are ready to get a new Mythic Schematic (pre-quests reset every Wednesday at the same time the item shop resets). Our skilled players will take you into the portal for a GUARANTEED VICTORY against the Mythic Storm King. No need to worry about knowing how to fight him as our players are in charge of doing everything. They will also revive you if you are down once they defeat the Mythic Storm King.
DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible if you do not get a Mythic Schematic after successfully defeating the Mythic Storm King. You need to verify that you have completed twine peaks storm shield defense 5. If you need assistance with your prequest then kindly select the option from below as well. No refunds will be granted if you do not get a Mythic Schematic because of not meeting the requirements. This service is only for the successful completion of The Portal, or Mythic Storm King Mission.


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Cheap Fortnite STW Items | 100% Safe and Secure | 24/7 Customer Support
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